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About: Founded May 2009 by volunteer Mari Lynch, a resident of rural Monterey County since 1981. An information hub for biking Monterey County, Bicycling Monterey’s resources are also used by people who bike elsewhere. Bicycling Monterey’s work includes numerous bike advocacy projects; see “Summary of Bicycling Monterey projects, 2009-2016.” Questions? Contact Mari. Learn more About Bicycling Monterey and how it began.

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To prevent broken links, the URLs for all Bicycling Monterey posts and pages have as their root the original (May 2009) URL, marilynch.com/blog. There are alternate URLs to reach the Bicycling Monterey website, e.g., bikemonterey.org, bicyclingmonterey.com, and others. For a list of alternate URLs, scroll to the end of About Bicycling Monterey.

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