About Mari Lynch

My birthplace

I had the good fortune to be born to loving parents, who farmed organically (“conservationist,” Dad would say) along Salt Creek, a few miles from the town of Chestnut, Illinois. Chestnut had a population of 450.  Later we moved to the nearby town of Mt. Pulaski, population 1700 (about the size of Monterey High School).

Summer skies of my birthplace, near Chestnut.

View from my office, rural Monterey County.

My history on the Monterey Bay

After arriving in the Monterey Bay area, I lived in Santa Cruz for five years before moving to my present rural address in an unincorporated section of Monterey County.  I have a son and daughter, both born and raised here.  (Sure! Ask me about my beloved kids!)

I am the owner of a writing and related services business, Fine Wordworking.

The majority of my volunteer work prior to bicycle advocacy was related to the well-being of  children, including music education; environmental sustainability, including organic farming; and to writers’ rights, including contract trainings.

Questions and requests for further information are welcome.  Please contact me.

My bike advocacy

As you may guess, I love being on my bike!  To learn how my love for bicycling began, click here.  Serving as a resource for visitors and locals who like to bike is one of my pleasures.  That led to the creation of this website and projects.

Mari Lynch,  April 2009–the month

before Bicycling Monterey was launched.

The meticulous guidelines required for my professional work can be disregarded for blogging.  Nevertheless, Bicycling Monterey’s necessary tech time competes heavily with my personal biking time. 

Pedaling along the coastal trail and about local and neighboring towns are an enjoyable part of my ongoing routine.   Yet the power of my own legs, and the deep joy of being on my bike, are best known on long rural rides. 

Much appreciated is the Transportation Excellence Award that was presented for the Bicycling Monterey work.  Appreciated even more are those individuals who step up and ask how they can help maintain and expand these bike resources and projects.

KSBW’s January 10, 2010 interview

about Bicycling Monterey’s HER Helmet Thursdays project.

How you can help

There are many ways to help further bike advocacy goals.  Whether you have computer skills to contribute or may want to help in other ways, please contact me.  Want to meet up to discuss possibilities?  Great. Let’s ride!