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May 2015 is the 6th Anniversary of Bicycling Monterey. There are thousands of website visitors every month, as well as people who benefit from other Bicycling Monterey projects. Doing this work requires financial support. For contributor names and the total amount of contributions received, click here.

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Contributor acknowledgements

Every financial contribution is listed on the Contributors page.  For those who allow public acknowledgment, it will be a pleasure to also list their name.

If you wish, you may specify whether you’d like your contribution to go toward the Bicycling Monterey website or another of the Bicycling Monterey projects.
  1. Bicycling Monterey website: Nearly 500 posts and pages of carefully researched content are available to everyone on this site. Below, see “Is creating and maintaining this website that much work?” If you found info of value here, just as you may tip a concierge who provides helpful information, consider contributing to Bicycling Monterey.
  2. Bicycling Monterey projects: You may indicate that your contribution is to be used for a specific project other than the website. See a summary of Bicycling Monterey projects, 2009-2015, or contact Mari (831-375-6278).

Why contribute?

Monterey County does not yet have a formal bicycle coalition. Bicycling Monterey serves as an information hub available to the county’s 428,000 residents and its visitors, estimated at 8.4 million annually. Bicycling Monterey also provides info used by people who bike elsewhere.

Below, refer below to comments received, along with a sampling of the many organizations linking to Bicycling Monterey.

A Wise Contribution

Founded in May 2009 as a public service, Bicycling Monterey was created and continues to be provided by volunteer Mari Lynch, a resident of rural Monterey County since 1981. Learn more about Bicycling Monterey in the About section.

“Huge public service to the region”

Megan Tolbert, former transportation planner at California State University Monterey Bay, wrote: 

“Mari is a genuine community steward.  Her work with Bicycling Monterey has been a huge public service to the region.  She performs her work with passion and compassion, and she’s skilled at detail-oriented quality control.”

Comments received from 30 of the many people who value Bicycling Monterey

1. “Your site is really useful…It is, by far, the most comprehensive bicycle site for Monterey County…and regularly updated, which is rare.”—Anneke Prins, visitor from the U.K.
2. “An umbrella website for all things two-wheeled in Monterey County.”—Kera Abraham, Monterey County Weekly
3. “Excellent resource for all things bikes in Monterey County.”—Richard Masoner, Cyclelicious
4. “Outstanding site. Uplifting, informative, relevant, and fun to read and look at.”—Matthew Sundt, Owner, Old Capitol Books and President, Velo Club Monterey
5. “Great resource for tourists and residents alike!”—Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
6. “Does so much for the community, in an informative and collaborative manner.”—Debbie Hale, Executive Director, Transportation Agency for Monterey County
7. “Thanks for all you are doing!”—James Serrano, City of Salinas Transportation Planner
8. “A huge public service to the region….Your dedication and hard work are inspiring, and your heart is always in the right place.”—Megan Tolbert, former CSUMB Transportation Planner
9. “Thanks for all you have done to promote safe and fun cycling in Monterey County.”—Kevin Cole, Safety Director, Pebble Beach Company
10. “Unyielding support for bike projects. A very positive voice.”—Rich Deal, City of Monterey Traffic Engineer
11. “Great bike tips for tourists as well as residents.”—Monterey Institute of International Studies
12. “Great resource for Monterey County bicycling information.”—Fort Ord Reuse Authority
13. “It is a wonderful cycling enterprise you are contributing to Monterey. Your site, as always, is fabulous. You do beautiful work!”—Leo Kodl
14. “Thanks to @BikeMonterey…for great tips that helped make this bike touring trip a big success.”—Stephen Zavestoski
15. “Filled a gap in our tour guide info.”—Ellen Tucker
16. “I love the site! I’m a bicycling fan from Australia.”—Steve Matheson
17. “Great source of bicycling news and events.”—City of Monterey
18. “What a fantastic resource for all!”—Heynia Cooley
19. “Civic minded…very uplifting.”—Michael Ricker, City of Salinas
20. “You are amazing for starting the HER Helmet Thursdays program. Thank you!”—Karen Woodson
21. “I’m an avid cyclist relocating to Monterey soon. Great site! Thanks for all the news and resources.”—Mark Daniels
22. “A wealth of relevant information for cyclists residing in or visiting Monterey County.”—Peter Mounteer, Cedar Street Times
23. “Really great website.”—Saskia Lucas, Open Streets Santa Cruz
24. “Wonderful blog!”—Jorge Flores
25. “Monterey County bicycling enthusiast extraordinaire!”—Claudia Meléndez Salinas, Monterey County Herald
26. “The consummate ‘spokes’ woman!”—Roberto Robledo, Salinas Californian
27. “As a regular visitor to Pacific Grove since 1963 I can attest that there is no finer way to see the peninsula than by bike. You have captured the essence of how and why cycling is so enjoyable for both transportation and recreation. Thanks for providing your site.”—Rob Swain
28. “Mari is our Wonder Woman of local bike advocacy.”—MacGregor Eddy, We Could Car Less columnist, Salinas Californian
29. “Advocating passionately for us bikers.”—Susan Ragsdale-Cronin, Bike Commuter Mom
30. “Consistently advocates for bicycling. Major kudos to Mari for all her great work!”—California Bicycle Coalition

In the Monterey County Weekly’s first-ever bike issue—which a Weekly editor stated happened because of Mari’s bike advocacy—writer Kera Abraham reported in “Moving Motivation:  The Change Agent” that Mari learned from her father:  “If there’s something in your community that needs doing, you don’t wait until all the pieces are in place, you just jump in and do it.” That’s how Bicycling Monterey began, in Spring 2009.

As the Alliance for Biking & Walking noted when naming Mari as a national finalist for the Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award (click here, then scroll down):

“Mari doesn’t wait until all conditions are right and funds are available; she just dives in and gets things done!”

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County recognized the value of the Bicycling Monterey site and projects with a Transportation Excellence Award.

Bicycling Monterey is a grassroots project. This site does not include any paid links, paid ads, pay-per-click, and the like.

“Transparent and honest work”

Del Rey Oaks resident Susan Ragsdale-Cronin wrote a letter to the Monterey County Herald, “Sincere thanks for practicing the golden rule,” March 28, 2011: 

“…the basis of ethics is the Golden Rule. When we practice this rule (and not the variation ‘those with the gold make the rules’), the expectation is that others do, too. I have recently seen and felt the denial and then the heartbreak of the disregard of this most simple tenet of daily living. From the colossal chain of events that Wall Street can trigger to the unraveling of local nonprofits, untangling the web of deceit is no fun.

“But it is exactly this contrast that makes me appreciate the toil of people committed to transparent and honest work. For this, all of our community should look with admiration and gratitude to people such as…Mari Lynch (Bicycling Monterey).”

Besides the thousands of individual website visitors each month, Bicycling Monterey is recognized as a helpful resource and linked by the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, City of Monterey, City of Salinas, City of SeasideTransportation Agency for Monterey County, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey-Salinas Transit, National Steinbeck Center, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, Community Alliance for Safety and Peace, Monterey Institute of International StudiesCalifornia State University Monterey Bay, Hartnell College, Stevenson School, Big Sur International MarathonMonterey Jazz Festival, Monterey Green Action, Sierra Club-Ventana ChapterMonterey Off Road Cycling Association, Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Cycling Club, Sea Otter Classic, Velo Club Monterey, California Bicycle Coalition, Open Streets Project, Smart Growth America, UC-Berkeley CATSIP, People Power of Santa Cruz, Bike to Work – Santa Cruz, the Alliance for Biking & Walking (scroll down), and many others, and is recommended and featured by media including KUSP Central Coast Public Radio, KSBW, the Monterey County Weekly, the Salinas Californian, and the Monterey County Herald.

Is creating and maintaining this website that much work? 

The World Wide Web has changed how content is provided. 
What has not changed is how accurate, reliable content is created–with much time, skill, and careful research. 

Our neighbors across the Monterey Bay recognized this.  In a November 2010 online conversation,  a Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission senior planner and a Santa Cruz Sentinel columnist wrote:

“Have you seen the Bicycling Monterey site? This is a one-woman production and volunteer effort. It’s full of bike-related resources, events, news, programs, etc….Does anyone have an interest in working to pull something like this together for our area?”

“Mari, your website has started a revolution in Santa Cruz. We want to launch a site like yours – but we imagine we need 10 people at least to launch what you have done.”

A question may come to mind: “You promote a lot of businesses and others. Aren’t you paid for that?”


Even the hundreds of businesses and organizations in The HER Helmet Thursdays Project still do not pay any fee as of the project’s 5th Anniversary! Mari continues to contribute her time and resources to build this long-term ecology-economy sustainability project. Someday it may be necessary to charge new businesses and organizations a fee to sign up, but none do yet.

In April 2010, the Monterey County Weekly contacted Mari and invited her to contribute a history of HER Helmet Thursdays as their Earth Day “Local Spin” editorial. Click here to read that history. Click here to watch a video intro on KSBW.

Perhaps you’d like to contribute project supplies or volunteer time instead of, or in addition to, contributing money:

To contribute project supplies, check the wish list on the project summary page for ideas, and contact Mari. For a list of contributors of project supplies, click here.

To volunteer, check the ideas on volunteer your time. For a list of volunteers, scroll down the acknowledgements page.


Perhaps you have the time and interest to raise funds to support the Bicycling Monterey website and projects–whether by researching, applying, and helping to fulfill the terms of grants, by organizing and carrying out fundraising events, or in other ways. Please contact Mari with your questions and offers to help.

Thank you!