Ways your contribution can help – Summary of the Bicycling Monterey projects

Summary of projects, 2009-2015

All projects by Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey have been carried out on a volunteer basis. If you might like to support these efforts with a contribution of $5, $25, $500 or more, please click here. For a list of financial contributors, click here.

To contribute project supplies or volunteer time, please contact Mari.

For a list of contributors of project supplies, click here.

Here are ten examples of Bicycling Monterey projects. For a wish list, scroll down this page.

  1. Bike advocacy actions. A wide range of advocacy, including such things as filling in some gaps for local municipalities and agencies; initiating new activities and supporting existing activities for Bike Month in Monterey County; public education and support for infrastructure improvements and other bike-friendly efforts in local cities and unincorporated areas; outreach to establish new relationships and/or increase harmony between people who bike and those who may not. 15 May 2011 001
  2. The HER Helmet Thursdays Project. Launched in November 2009, this is a long-term project with no scheduled end-date. For history and purpose of the project, see Quick Links page. HER Helmet Thursdays encourages biking, by males and females, by offering discounts on Thursdays year-round at hundreds of businesses and organizations countywide. Created and ongoing operation by Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey.  (The project is not about helmet promotion; see FAQs on the Listings/FAQs page.)HER Helmet Thursdays 5th Anniversary poster JQ2
  3. Bike community-building events, bike safety events, and more. Boy in Vista Verde t with Greenfield PD - fitted for helmet - 2012
  4. Other outreach activity for bike safety, including to Spanish speakers.informacion en espanol - condado de monterey
  5. Information resource and support for tourists and residents–online, by phone, and in-person–including those who contact Bicycling Monterey for individual help.Tips for Bicycling Monterey County flier PDF
  6. Helping children, teens, and adults find Monterey County bike shops, services, clubs, events, infrastructure contacts, and other bicycling resources.mari_ksbw
  7. Providing nearly 500 posts and pages  of carefully researched content available to everyone, no paywall (click here, then scroll to “Is creating and maintaining this website that much work?”).BicyclingMontereylogo
  8. Providing a master calendar for bicycling Monterey County, making it easier for visitors and locals to find biking and bike-related activities.Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County
  9. Supporting the launch of Monterey County’s first Open Streets event, Ciclovia Salinas.Salinas Californian 16 Oct 2013 - pg 2A - Youth and city partner for tourism - Ciclovia - by Mari Lynch
  10. Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey founded the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center bicycle repair and safety class. Mari’s  groundwork for this class began in October 2011. With the cooperation and support of other community volunteers and the Youth Center, she launched the class in April 2012. Through July 2014, Mari also volunteered as class coordinator. She continues as class advisor and on-call resources/skills instructor.Cerney mural at Monterey County Youth CenterMari Lynch April 2014 CA Assembly

Please consider how you can help

To make a financial contribution in any amount, click here. If you have questions, or if you’d like to contribute project supplies, please contact Mari. To volunteer time, click here.

For a list of financial contributors, click here. For a list of contributors of project supplies, click here. Financial contributions, contributions of project supplies, volunteers of time–including those who spread the news–are all needed to ensure the continuation of the work of the Bicycling Monterey website and projects.

Please indicate if you have a specific preference regarding how you would like to support the Bicycling Monterey site and projects.

Wish list

Here are some examples of things that contributions could make possible:

  • Reflective spoke cards for outreach to youth regarding bike laws, safety, and local resources
  • Window decals for all HER Helmet Thursdays participating locations
  • Mobile-friendly access plus search features for the HER Helmet Thursdays listings
  • WordPress consulting or assistance for banner redesign and other site changes
  • WordPress premium theme and plugins to make the 400 + posts and pages of information more accessible to site users
  • IT professional to maintain the application for the HER Helmet Thursdays database (Ruby on Rails)
  • Help with transportation costs to do more outreach to schools and elsewhere  in more remote areas of the county (sometimes schedules and stamina make it necessary to bike-and-ride)
  • Translation of basic materials to strengthen outreach to monolingual Spanish-speaking cyclists
  • Photocopies mini fliers and posters for outreach
  • Software products for specific project tasks
  • T-shirts and jerseys to help get the word out
  • Graphic design services
  • Office equipment maintenance and repair
  • Office supplies

HER Helmet Thursdays is a long-term ecology-economy sustainability project, not a short-term discount promotion. There is much room for this project to expand and to be promoted. To make this happen is not difficult, it is simply very time-consuming.  Contact Mari if you would like to know more.

Do you get paid?

No. Since May 2009—and still the case as of March 2015—the Bicycling Monterey website and all projects are provided as a public service of Mari Lynch, in partnership with the community.

Need for an assistant

In November 2010, a Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission senior planner and a Santa Cruz Sentinel columnist addressed Mari, and their communication included this acknowledgement: “Mari, we want to launch a site like yours – but we imagine we need 10 people at least to launch what you have done.”

True! And Mari’s time could often be better used as a project director or advisor rather than also doing all the nuts-and-bolts required for the website and projects.  Having a part-time or full-time assistant, or even an occasional temporary assistant, would make a big difference in what it is possible to accomplish.

To discuss what could make the Bicycling Monterey projects more efficient and effective, allowing more to be accomplished with available time, please contact Mari.

Ready to make a contribution? 

Great!  Thank you. You  may use the PayPal button on the right-hand panel of this site to contribute by debit or credit card.  To contribute by check, or for more details,  see the About Contributions page.