About MariLynch.com

Why is the root URL for Bicycling Monterey’s posts and pages marilynch.com/blog?

To prevent broken links, the root URL remains the original URL, marilynch.com/blog.

“Tips for Tourists Bicycling Monterey” was posted on the blog in May 2009, as part of Mari’s outreach also done out on the bikeways. Non-bike topics continued to be included for the next few months.

By November 2009, it was clear that bicycling was going to be the focus of this blog. That month, alternate domain names were added to reach the Bicycling Monterey website, e.g., bicyclingmonterey.com, bikemonterey.org.

Is Bicycling Monterey Mari’s business?

No. Since founding Bicycling Monterey in May 2009, volunteer Mari Lynch has provided the Bicycling Monterey website and projects entirely as a volunteer.

What is marilynch.com?

MariLynch.com, also accessed via FineWordworking.com, is the web address for Mari’s business.

About Fine Wordworking

Fine Wordworking provides writing, editing, and related services for clients in the Monterey Bay region and throughout the United States.  Please visit the website for client testimonials and other information, or contact Mari with any questions.