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As Bicycling Monterey’s second decade gets underway, we’re making some changes. For now, if you get a “page or image not found” message, or if some photos or other media don’t display, we’re happy to say that there are solutions.

It’s still possible to access that content, by following the steps outlined below. Nonetheless, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Here’s what to do:

Change the root URL of the post or page you’re on from to the original domain name, (or vice versa). For example, for, substitute (or vice versa).

Rarely, you may find that the post or page you are on has a glitchy URL, (instead of or In that case, delete “blog” from the URL, so it’s simply (There is no such URL as

We’re not aware of any other content on this site that won’t be accessible if the above steps are used, when necessary—with one exception. That exception is the calendar, and on the calendar page, we’ve posted a fix. If you discover any other challenges, please let us know.

Why was Bicycling Monterey’s original domain name
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