Acknowledgments–and How You Can Help

Listed below are individuals and organizations who are part of this grassroots collaboration to encourage more bicycling! On this page, see people who have volunteered their time as well as people who help spread the word. 
Bicycling Monterey’s 9th year began May 2017.

For an overview, click here.

Monterey County does not yet have an official bicycle coalition. Bicycling Monterey serves as a biking information hub and also creates or supports a variety of bike advocacy projects. Additional bike community leaders are on Bicycling Monterey’s main resources / bike community leaders page.

The Bicycling Monterey website and projects were founded May 2009 by volunteer Mari Lynch, a resident of rural Monterey County since 1981. From May 1, 2009 to May 1, 2017, Mari has done this work as an entirely unpaid volunteer, with no paid advertising, no pay-per-click, no compensated product reviews, etc. on the Bicycling Monterey site! All information has been provided by Mari simply as a public service. 

Please consider helping in one or more ways. Questions? Contact Mari.

Ways to help

  1. Contribute money. Any amount is appreciated. Click here for how to contribute, and FAQsFor a list of those helping in this way, see Financial Contributors.
  2. Contribute supplies for specific projects. For a list of those helping in this way, see Contributors of Project Supplies.
  3. Volunteer.  Volunteer time and skills.  For a list of those helping in this way, see the many sections of  “Acknowledgements:  Project and Website Volunteers” below.
  4. Spread the good news.  Spread the news with Posters, Web Links, and Other Project Resources or in many others ways. Contact Mari for ideas. For a list of those helping in this way, see below:


Project and Website Volunteers

First, a special shout-out to two humble individuals who made the outreach of this website possible…

Website: WordPress coach and site design

Vid Raatior

The Bicycling Monterey website is empowered for social good because of the support of Vid Raatior of Atawe Design.

Although recognized professionally for her related skills, Mari is a Lead Pencil Girl Gone Techno and had no WordPress skills when she launched Bicycling Monterey. Because of the vision and generosity of Vid Raatior, this site’s design is far more user-friendly than her original tech skills would have made possible.  Vid selected and set up a WordPress theme, whipped the original content of Tips for Bicycling Monterey County into a more user-friendly menu format, designed the site banner, coached her in the ways of WordPress, and more.  Vid was a Santa Cruz County neighbor (since moved to Hawaii) who shared his expertise very generously.   Moreover, Vid was an absolute joy to work with from start to finish!

Vid’s work was further boosted through the generosity of Mari’s son, Nathan Dehmler (at left, below, with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter).  Photo courtesy of United States Navy.

Nathan with Defense Secy Ash Carter - Oct 2015


Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Custom database creator

In November 2009, Mari created the HER Helmet Thursdays project and established it in Monterey County, as a public service. The project is very time and labor intensive and has been greatly helped by the creation of this database.

In January 2010, a web expert and cyclist from Santa Cruz County recognized that HER Helmet Thursdays needed room to grow.  He kindly volunteered to provide the necessary techno leg-up.  By creating a secure custom database in January 2010, free of charge, he made the project’s growth possible.  What a caring neighbor!

Whenever you refer to the HER Helmet Thursdays listings, you are benefiting from the professional expertise and chivalry of this anonymous contributor.

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Database tech support

Who provides the essential technical support for the HER Helmet Thursdays custom database, including upgrades and other maintenance? Stephen Anderson (on Twitter, @bendycode) of Bendyworks, Racine, Wisconsin. Another geek with a heart!

Stephen is a cyclist who had visited Monterey County. As a Ruby on Rails expert, when Stephen became aware of the need for this technical support, he graciously agreed to help. Since November 2012, it is thanks to Stephen’s technical expertise and generosity (backed by extraordinary communication skills too) that the database remains available–allowing people to continue accessing the HER Helmet Thursdays map and detailed listings.

Also much appreciated is Stephen’s fellow Ruby on Rails aficionado, Jordan Peterson.  The skills of these two gentlemen are much in demand, yet by teaming up, it was possible for them to carve out time to do this pro bono work as well.

Thanks for keeping us rolling, guys!

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Database support

Justin Leong of Santa Clara County enjoys biking—whether alone, with friends, or with his brother or entire family. He’s also a tech-savvy young man who spent most of summer 2015 in Monterey County doing a computer-related internship. So what else did he do while he was here? Contributed volunteer hours in support of the HER Helmet Thursdays project and other Bicycling Monterey projects! Learn more about Justin by scrolling down this page to the “Website” volunteer acknowledgements. (Or press Control + F and type “Justin Leong” in your browser’s find window.)

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Logo creator

Steve E. Anderson of Velo Club Monterey

On hearing that HER Helmet Thursdays needed a logo, Steve immediately volunteered to provide one.  He delivered it promptly and in good cheer, showing once again that our local racers often quietly serve as Knights of the Central Coast.

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays


Special thanks to Jerry Ramos for providing oral Spanish translation services. The gracious manner and communication skills of this Monterey County teen allowed successful outreach to new HER Helmet Thursdays participants.

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Bike-there tips


While Mari wrote most bike-there tips, these avid cyclists helped immensely by providing detailed tips on some of the more remote locations:

  1. Aaron Magenheim
  2. Jeff Richman
  3. Chuck Martin
  4. Jan Valencia
  5. Devian Gilbert
Below: At 16, MoCo native Aaron Magenheim
had been supporting bicycling in Monterey County for 10 years,

since he and his dad had helped prepare the Laguna Seca course for the first bike races.  Ten years later, he’s still volunteering to help others bike in Monterey County, by contributing bike-there tips and new idea for HER Helmet Thursdays.

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Charter Participants

The strength of the foundation of the HER Helmet Thursdays Project is due to the early leadership of charter participating H-E-R businesses and organizations.  They are headed up by forward-thinking professionals who made a commitment to this long-term ecology-economy sustainability project.   These business owners/managers and organization directors, the people whose “Yes!” made HER Helmet Thursdays possible, represent these Charter Participants.

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Anniversary Celebrations / Public Outreach

5th Anniversary celebration: Thanks to the local bike shops in Monterey County who celebrated the 5th anniversary, Thanksgiving week 2014. Click here for links to their websites and to learn more.

HER Helmet Thursdays 5th Anniversary poster JQ2

4th Anniversary celebration: Thanks to the local bike shops in Monterey County who celebrated the 4th anniversary with prize drawings in their shops. Click here to see who they were and how they provided educational outreach and support for the project.

Project: HER Helmet Thursdays

Cup of Kindness

Some HER Helmet Thursdays participants kindly fueled this work with nourishment on a stop.

And Taqueria del Mar, Monterey provided a hearty supply of veggie tacos!

Project: Monterey County Youth Center bike class

Bicycle Repair and Safety class for the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center.

Volunteer Mari  Lynch founded this class, beginning the initial organizing in October 2011. The class was launched in April 2012, thanks to the cooperation and support of other volunteers, contributors of project supplies (see Youth Center references here), and Youth Center staff. Mari also volunteered as class coordinator through July 2014 and continues as class advisor and on-call instructor

In August 2014, the class coordinator role–and the role of official provider–were taken on by another volunteer, instructor Luciano Rodriguez. Thanks, Luciano!

The class serves boys ages 14-17 who come from all over Monterey County. Click here for details. This class is the first high school bike tech class in Monterey County!  Special thanks to Richard Gray, director, and other staff of the Monterey County Youth Center, and to the vital team members. In the inaugural year, they included the following–all volunteers:

  1. Frank Henderson
  2. Luciano Rodriguez
  3. Korey Ericson
  4. Joseph Crabtree, Forest Hill Bike Shop
  5. Mari Lynch

Since then, Frank, Luciano, and Mari continue. To learn more, see “Teach Teens Well,” including posts linked at the bottom of that article.

Thanks also to Frank Pinto and Peter Krol, both background-approved to assist on an on-call basis.

Special thanks to Jim Warwick, a Salinas High School instructor and SHS mountain bike team assistant coach and advisor. And gratitude to various students in the Salinas High School construction program. Why? Jim and those SHS students rallied in May 2014 to create tool racks for use by students in Youth Center bike class. Muchas gracias!

We also acknowledge Rosemary Soto. Rosemary was an organizer of an October 26, 2011 meeting about the Youth Center, which Mari attended. That meeting was one of the initial steps toward creation of this class.

Project: Intergenerational Ride for

Bike Week/Bike Month

Mari founded in 2012 and continues to coordinate the annual Intergenerational Ride, in support of Monterey County Bike Week/Bike Month. As with all Bicycling Monterey projects, its success is because of community involvement!

For 2012, special thanks to Sports Center Bicycles of Seaside for providing a mobile bike mechanic for the Intergenerational Ride during Monterey County’s Bike Week celebration.  Thanks also to Darius Rike of Monterey Off Road Cycling Association and League of American Bicyclists certified instructor Frank Henderson for their active support of this event.  Intergenerational Ride co-hosts are First Presbyterian Church of Monterey and Fine Wordworking.

For 2013, tip of the helmet for the complimentary mobile bike mechanic Chris Paruolo goes to Bay Bikes of Carmel and Monterey. Additional thanks for escorting children in the brief Class II and Class III areas and other rider support goes to Vera Noghera and Randy Naylor of Velo Club Monterey; Rich Buaya, Jimmy Mastrom, and Barcley Stamey from the Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club; Steve Benes of Gears 4 Good; Roy Pina of Shoreline Outdoors, Shoreline Community Church. Further support for this event was provided by Salinas Bike Party-a courteous social bike run and Ciclovia Salinas Committee members Eduardo Huerta, Mirna Cuentas, Natalie Oliver, and friends. First Presbyterian Church of Monterey and Fine Wordworking again served as the co-hosts of the Intergenerational Ride for 2013, with special thanks going to Elaine Cole, Carol Ferrantelli, and Jackie DeHoff.

For 2014, please refer to the 3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride post for names of those helping. Special thanks to Bay Bikes for providing the services of complimentary mobile mechanic Rob Burton this year; and to Steve Benes of Gears 4 Good for being on hand as a mobile mechanic during the morning hours.

For 2015, early supporters already committed include Bay Bikes, again providing the services of a complimentary mobile mechanic. For more 2015 supporters, please refer to 4th Annual Intergenerational Ride post. Special thanks to Roy Pina, Vera Noghera, Ariana Green, and Jeff Richman for extra help with facilitating the ride, and to Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Cycling Club for their faithful participation and ride support at this annual event.

Project: Dress-Up Challenge for Bike Week

Mari organized Monterey County’s first Dress-Up Challenge in support of Monterey County Bike Week 2011. This was modeled after a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition activity. See separate page of acknowledgements for  those who contributed prizes. And see photo gallery of those modeling their love for biking in Monterey County!

Project: Bike advocacy outreach

Mari does bike advocacy, including bike law and safety outreach throughout Monterey County, often assisted by others. This includes speaking at events, giving media interviews, serving as a resource for individuals and organizations, and outreach in a variety of other ways, including Mari’s favorite: direct outreach by bike! Sometimes that outreach is boosted by others, such as Natividad Medical Center employees contributing 32 helmets for local youth. In support of that outreach, thanks to Peninsula Bike Works  for repairing a bent rim free of charge.

And a special thank you to Jan Valencia, Velo Club Monterey Answer Man, for keeping Mari’s ol’ bicycle rolling.

Jan’s wrench wizardry on Mari’s trusty bike, a Giant hybrid, has made a big difference. After Mari was riding with Jan’s wife, Cath Tendler-Valencia (AKA @eyebabe), it seemed Cath thought perhaps Mari wasn’t keeping up with her due to mechanical weaknesses of her bike.  (Ha! Not. That Cath is fast!) The plus about that gracious misconception was that Cath put the bee in Jan’s ear, and in Oct 2014, and again in July 2015, Jan did a maintenance makeover on Mari’s bike. Amazing what a difference a new chain, cassette, cables, and more can make, especially when combined with a generous dose of bike love and mechanical expertise. Thanks, Jan!

Throughout the county, Mari’s out on her bike providing summaries of bike laws and other info. These are especially appreciated by the many people who do not have easy web access. (Really need paper? Yes. Pew Research reports that one-third of those making less than $20,000 a year do not go online. Another third go online, but do not have Internet access at home.) See the Contributors page, then scroll to “Contributors of Project Supplies” to see names of bike outreach helpers; gratitude to these folks, for they keep it from being necessary for Mari to personally provide 100% of the materials for this outreach.

Among Mari’s outreach are such activities as organizing a bike booth and helmet giveaway at the first South County Health & Safety Fair in Greenfield. Special thanks to Greenfield PD Records Clerk Isabel Landeros for oral translation and Officer Armando Mendoza for helmet fitting. Thanks also to Greenfield PD’s Interim Chief Sills, SGT Fred Perez, Records Supervisor Ysela Serrano,  and Records Clerk Maria Ramirez  for their support. And thanks to Stephanie Villanueva for time spent photocopying bike safety info, and to Ernesto Mireles, DDS, Greenfield & Salinas Dental Group, for contributing copies. The generosity of four individuals and organizations made it possible to gift some youth their first bicycle helmet; scroll to “Contributors of Project Supplies” on the Contributors page. Thanks also to Angelica Gonzalez for written Spanish translation of notes to accompany trucks/bikes safety info for a South County event.

Project: Support launch of Ciclovía Salinas

Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey is honored to be among community volunteers who–along with staff of various organizations–united to help launch the first Ciclovía Salinas date, October 6, 2013. There are many bike community folks and others who donated, volunteered, spread the word, or otherwise boosted Ciclovía Salinas! In addition to checking out the City of Salinas officials who made Monterey County’s first Open Streets possible, please also see the list of Ciclovía Salinas Acknowledgements: Sponsors, Volunteers, Publicists, and More.

Ciclovía Salinas, Monterey County’s first Open Streets, is a youth-led initiative. It is for people who bike, and also for those who walk, skateboard, rollerblade, roll in a wheelchair, and otherwise use active transportation. Ciclovía Salinas had its second date November 1, 2014, and Mari is one of the many who’s pitched in with a little volunteer time to support the youth in keeping things rolling.

Project: Fundraising Campaign

Special thanks to the ten women who launched Bicycling Monterey’s first fundraising campaign on 12/22/15, with the primary component being a crowdfunding campaign at These women are: Laurel Thomsen, organizer, and Charlotte Rozier Manis, Holly Heimer, Jacquelyn Smith Woodward, Kathi Lares, Kay Magenheim, Misty Koger Ojure, Sandi Overstreet Laney, and Terrill Keeler. Also endorsing this campaign is local bike advocate Henrietta Stern.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.42.17 AM

In addition, some individuals, businesses, or organizations offered gift certificates or other rewards to inspire contributors; click here for their names.



Website and Projects:

Bike safety consultant

In 2009, Mari founded the Bicycling Monterey website, and she continues to serve as webmaster, content creator, and more. The reliability of the site’s safety info is boosted by Frank Henderson!

When knowledge and research time are limited, it is so helpful to be able to count on the expertise and community-mindedness of  Frank Henderson.  Frank is a League of American Bicyclists licensed, certified  instructor (“Bike League LCI”) and TAMC 2010 Golden Helmet Award winner.

Website and Projects:

People responding  in a variety of helpful ways

  1. Danielle Shillcock – Technical and communications consultant and other support
  2. The late Margaret Wolf –  research and support for HER Helmet Thursdays participant listings
  3. Donna Murphy Typing Service – bike valet claim checks for special events
  4. Melanie Gibbs Stackpole – research and support for HER Helmet Thursdays date restrictions and staff reference sheet
  5. Casey Andrews, Sierra Dehmler – creation of first HER Helmet Thursdays quick reference/pocket guide
  6. Sandi Laney – outreach for Dress-Up Challenge prizes
  7. Zoe Shoats, Monterey-Salinas Transit – research support as well as responding to a variety of community needs
  8. Jon LeMaster of Orange County Transportation Authority ( – permission to use OCTA’s Spanish translation of bicycle section of California Vehicle Code
  9. Rebecca Robinson – research on America’s discounts-for-bicyclists programs
  10. Renee Hardenstein and Kay Magenheim – when the printer is broken, who helps out? Renee and Kay!

Website and Projects:

Bicycle consultants

For questions about bicycles, accessories, and more, here’s a shout-out to our  local bike shops, plus extra thanks to these individuals:

  1. Sean Rigmaiden and Micah Mozal, Peninsula Bike Works
  2. Jan Valencia, Velo Club Monterey Answer Man
  3. Devian Gilbert, Asana Cycles
  4. Kevin Cole, Safety Director (till 2016 retirement), Pebble Beach Company
  5. Phil Yenovikian – Support to touring cyclists
  6. Korey Ericson – Bike culture support
  7. Wyatt Wood – Biking in the Dark tips on tail lights
  8. Frank Pinto, Bay Bikes
  9. Steve Polk, Manzanita Park BMX
  10. Steve Aday, Marina Cycle and Skate
  11. Alex Fowler, Action Sports Construction


Photo models

This site would be dull without the photographs of people bicycling throughout Monterey County.  A huge thank you to the individuals who bring this site to life–and inspire others. 



Thank you to all the photographers who generously contribute their own photos to supplement those taken by Mari.  Please note their names in photo credit lines throughout this site. 

In addition, the following photographers responded to Mari’s requests to shoot particular photos.  Special thanks to:

  1. Joe Strunk
  2. Leo Kodl
  3. Steve E. Anderson
  4. Rizayel Mukashev
  5. Dieter Binz
  6. Simon and Joanna Bull
  7. Bill and Susan Ragsdale Cronin
  8. Carey Beebe
  9. Mrs. Jim Warwick
  10. Bob Simon
  11. Frank Henderson
  12. Dessa Murphy, Pacific Grove Middle School
  13. Patty Ristine and Paloma Hernandez, La Paz Middle School, Salinas
  14. Bryan Perez
  15. Colleen Ingram for camera loan and time assisting with biking surfer photos
  16. Arlene Sanchez, Student-Parent Liaison, Jack Franscioni Elementary School, Soledad
  17. Alex Paredes 
  18. Nora Richman
  19. Jan Valencia
  20. Jesse Martines
  21. Jim Warwick
  22. Mark Kintz
  23. Jennifer Hickerson and Amelia Poma, Monterey Regional Airport
  24. Saul Soto, Tony’s Bike Shop, Castroville
  25. Aurelio Salazar, Jr. of Community Foundation for Monterey County, a supporter of Ciclovia Salinas
  26. Elise Ehrheart of Ecology Action of Santa Cruz (in Greenfield)
  27. Juan Saavedra, photo for Shopping by Bike section
  28. Smokes and Spokes of San Jose


Guest posts or related assistance

Mari has written the vast majority of the content for this site. Let’s have a diversity of voices!  Please consider writing a guest post. Special thanks to the following for leading the way:

  1. Justine Warwick
  2. Rebecca Warwick
  3. Devian Gilbert
  4. Sierra Dehmler
  5. Phil Yenovkian
  6. James Wrona
  7. Frank Henderson
  8. Jesse Martines
  9. Robert Okerblom
  10. Alex Cappelli
  11. Rita M. Goldstein
  12. Ron Dillender
  13. Ariana Green
  14. Natalie Oliver
  15. Sarah Factor
  16. Margaret Davis
  17. Elise Ehrheart
  18. Gregg Brady
  19. Wendy Booher
  20. Tawn Kennedy, director of Green Ways to School
  21. Susan Ragsdale-Cronin

Thanks also to the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG), Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC), Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST), and California Highway Patrol for providing press releases for this site.



Note: Spanish translation volunteers are very much needed. Please contact Mari (831-375-6278) if you can help.


Proofreading and copy editing

Cath Tendler-Valencia – Cath isn’t responsible for this site’s errors, but she is responsible for improvements to the huge volume of content in Bicycling Monterey’s bike laws and safety/skills section.

Website and Other Support:

Tech Angel

Eeek! Computer isn’t doing what I need it to. And by grace, an anonymous tech angel responds with just the right advice, faithfully, year after year. Whether it’s a hardware challenge or an Internet mystery, whatever is nudging this Lead Pencil Woman toward a brain-fry, it cannot win.  Because a phone call away is the Best. Help. Ever. You know who you are. Bless you!


Additional tech support

  1. Daniel Saenz of Daniel Saenz Designs /, another helpful neighbor from Santa Cruz, stepped in at times when WP design issues, in particular, puzzled me. That’s very fortunate for this site’s readers!
  2. Jason Wehmhoener, yet another Santa Cruz geek and helpful neighbor, is wise in the ways of WordPress and more.  Jason was on the alert more than once when I waved the red flag, and he responded with just the right tech tip at just the right time.
  3. Steven Lienhard, yes, another Santa Cruz geek! You might be looking fruitlessly for a HER Helmet Thursdays detailed listing if it were not for Steve’s knowledge of a particular plugin made by Frank Bültge.  Thanks, neighbor!
  4. Frank Bültge of for creating and freely providing a WordPress search-and-replace plugin that served the HER Helmet Thursdays project. And wouldn’t you know it!–Frank is an avid bicyclist himself.


Miscellaneous support

Justin Leong of Santa Clara County contributed volunteer hours in support of the HER Helmet Thursdays project, as mentioned above. This tech-savvy guy also pitched in to help with various Bicycling Monterey website tasks, including site banner redesign, website link updates, and more. Not only is Justin smart, skilled, and reliable, he exuded kindness and helpfulness. He consistently asked if there was anything he could do to be of help, then carried out whatever was requested of him, completing the tasks with flying colors. This caring individual is also an interesting conversationalist, making every chance to connect a pleasure. We’d sure love to clone him–or keep him!

* * *

Friendly reminder:

Financial contributors are needed and appreciated.

Financial contributions for the Bicycling Monterey website and projects are needed and appreciated, as mentioned on the top of this webpage. Please refer to the About Contributions page to learn more. All contributions are listed on the Contributors page. The privacy of everyone who makes a contribution will be honored. For those who allow public acknowledgment, it will be a pleasure to also list their name there.

* * *

Acknowledgements:  Media Professionals

 Savvy journalists with an ear to the ground

The HER Helmet Thursdays Project was given an early boost by the following, via print, television, and the web. Especially appreciated arethese highly alert media professionals who picked right up on this story:

And the buzz continues about bicycling-friendly Monterey County, including HER Helmet Thursdays.  While media acknowledgements listed on this page are not comprehensive, here’s a shout-out to the Monterey County Weekly for their special bike issue,   Spoke Word” (May 12-18, 2011), including “Moving Motivation,” “Pedal Perks,” “Two Speeds,” and more.  Tip of the front wheel to Weekly staffers and contributors, including:

  • Christy Khoshaba
  • Joey Large
  • Kathryn Doore
  • Kera Abraham, Assistant Editor
  • Mark C. Anderson, Managing Editor
  • Nic Coury, Staff Photographer

The Monterey County Weekly also recognized the third anniversary of the HER Helmet Thursdays Project in “The Weekly Tally (Nov 21-28, 2012 issue).


The signs of our bicycling-friendly county are everywhere.

Help spread the word by sharing posters, widgets, fliers, and pocket guides.

Acknowledgements:  Spread the Good News

First, thank you to the many people who have made such kind, encouraging comments about the Bicycling Monterey work. Each one is a dose of medicine on a weary day. Click here for some of what people say. I’m sure I’ve missed others; please bring them to my attention–contact me. Thanks.

People who help get the word out, and assist in other ways

Thanks to these people for helping others find the Bicycling Monterey website, including the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide; Monterey County Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and ResourcesSpanish-language biking tips, the HER Helmet Thursdays project, and additional biking info and resources.

Online, on-air, in-print, in-person, and other support

The list below includes people who…

  • share news via their websites or online social media, or by hosting presentations at meetings
  • provide radio and television air time, or publish articles in print media
  • offer complimentary consultations in their areas of expertise, or assist with research
  • or help in other ways
Please bring others to my attention, so their names can be added.

Bicycling Monterey and the HER Helmet Thursdays project are on Twitter. However, I don’t do Facebook, so I am only aware of a fraction of those who share the Bicycling Monterey site and projects via Facebook. Thanks to all who share on FB and other social media.

This list is in approximate chronological order. 

  1. Megan Tolbert, Monterey Green Action
  2. Tony Price for the Seaside-Sand City Chamber of Commerce on KNRY
  3. Monterey County’s Bike Shops and Services
  4. Family Cycle Center, Capitola
  5. Jim Ryan, Monterey Off Road Cycling Association (MORCA)
  6. Jan Valencia, Answer Man, Velo Club Monterey
  7. Steve E. Anderson, Velo Club MontereyAKA Knights of the Central Coast
  8. Julie Caris,  Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa – Cafe la Strada, Duck Club, Schooners, Vista Blue on Facebook
  9. Denice Amerison, North Monterey County Chamber of Commerce
  10. Em Lee’s Carmel on Facebook
  11. Denise Wyer, Chef’s Pride/Fishwife and Turtle Bay; and the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce
  12. Joyce Day Meuse on KNRY
  13. David “Doc” Reichbaum
  14. Erik’s DeliCafe
  15. Kaki Chen, Transportation Agency of Monterey County
  16. MAJ Chris Bachl, Naval Postgraduate School Foundation
  17. California State University-Monterey Bay (CSUMB)
  18. Guy Lasnier, KUSP Central Coast Public Radio
  19. Donna Brown, Sea Otter Classic  2010
  20. Kate and Ali Daniels, Women’s International Perspective news site ( – WIP Talk/Sundays at Five radio show
  21. Devian Gilbert, Asana Cycles
  22. Dorothy Becker, First Presbyterian Church Women, Monterey
  23. Natasha Merkle, Naval Postgraduate School Earth Day Celebration
  24. Monterey County Weekly – Earth Day editorial on HER Helmet Thursdays
  25. Trish Sullivan, Destination Salinas – National Train Day
  26. Frank Pinto, Joselyns Bicycles, Monterey
  27. Nicole Gustas, Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau/See Monterey blog:
  28. City of Monterey Solid Waste and Recycling Division – website Transportation page, and Facebook
  29. Paula Ross
  30. New Monterey Business Association, for spreading word about Bicycling Monterey and the HER Helmet Thursdays project, via website links
  31. Asana Cycles
  32. Ray Napolitano
  33. Janie Rommel-Eichorn and the Rotary Club of Carmel Valley
  34. National Steinbeck Center
  35. BLUE Ocean Film Festival 2010:  A Global Film Festival and Conservation Summit
  36. Sustainable Pacific Grove
  37. Sustainable Salinas
  38. Sustainable Seaside
  39. SF Station, for weblink to a Seaside presentation
  40. MAJ Arleigh (Bill) Dean and the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Cycling Club
  41. Giovanna Kha Marino of the NPS Foundation
  42. InfluenceGuy on Twitter
  43. Burnham Coaching on Twitter
  44. Shawna Routh, Monterey Institute of International Studies
  45. Cath Tendler-Valencia, Velo Club Monterey
  46. Stuart Thompson, Monterey Wine Groupie
  47. Bobby Richards, Lamp Lighter Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea
  48. NorCal Bikers
  49. Mark Davidson of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz
  50. Aquarian Bicycles, Monterey
  51. MacGregor Eddy, Living Car-Free in Monterey County slideshow and workshop
  52. Eric Squires of Light and Motion
  53. Hunter Harvath and Zoe Shoats, Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST), Transit Tips; and for steady communications to ensure current accuracy of Bicycling Mon terey’s bike-and-ride tips
  54. Focus the Region Conference
  55. Lacey Raak, City of Monterey
  56. Bobcat Bicycles, Salinas
  57. Casey Andrews, CSUMB Otter Radio
  58. Cima Collina Winery – Food and Wine Notes
  59. Mirabel Group
  60. Cantinetta Luca
  61. Sea Otter Classic 2011 
  62. Sports Center Bicycles, Seaside
  63. Earth Cycles, Santa Cruz
  64. Todd Wills, Naval Postgraduate School Earth Day 2011
  65. Kevin Smith, Director of New Media – Monterey County Weekly – Local Blogs section
  66. Sally Smith, Big Sur International Marathon
  67. Abe Lincoln, Chair of Local Organizing Committee, Seaside Stage of Amgen Tour de California
  68. Tina Rosa, City of Seaside Police Department, Police Activities League (PAL)
  69. Monterey Green Action on Facebook
  70. Tripwise at CSUMB on Facebook
  71. Michael Baroni, Green Pedal Couriers, on Facebook and at bike valet stations
  72. Megan Joyce, Monterey Institute of International Studies – MIIS Office of Student Services
  73. Susan Ragsdale-Cronin – letter to the editor and essay acknowledgement
  74. James Serrano, Transportation Planner for the City of Salinas
  75. Rich Deal, Ride Ambassador for Bike Week 2011, and City Traffic Engineer for the City of Monterey
  76. Hotel Les Maurs, Healdsburg, CA – on Facebook
  77. Kaki Cheung, TAMC, Monterey County Bike Week 2011
  78. Bike to Work Santa Cruz / Santa Cruz Bike Week
  79. Velo Club Monterey
  80. Scott MacDonald, The Salinas Californian
  81. Erik and Anneka Esborg, People for Bikes
  82. Gabe Alvizo
  83. Diego Tapia
  84. The City of Seaside
  85. Jerrod Adams, Jarrod Gillam, Seth Hooper, Cameron Ingram, David Ramsaur, and others of the NPS Cycling Club
  86. Lalo Villegas and Kevin Mead, City of Salinas Police Department
  87. Darius Rike and Michael Do Couto, Monterey Off-Road Cycling Association (MORCA)
  88. Juan Quintana
  89. Jesse Martines on Facebook
  90. Book Buyers on Facebook
  91. San Francisco Bicycle Coalition on Facebook
  92. Jay Bartow, Mark Peake, Joe Callaway of First Presbyterian Church, Monterey; John Clark of Steady Job, Steady Life program; and Real Goods Solar installers
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  260. And thanks to the many, many individuals and organizations who partnered with Bicycling Monterey and others in doing what we all could to boost Monterey County’s first Open Streets–the youth-led initiative, Ciclovía Salinas! Please see the list of all their names; click here.
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  278. Sweet Elena’s on Facebook, for spreading the buzz on Facebook that they’re in the HER  Helmet Thursdays project
  279. Hotel Pacific on Facebook, sharing the news that 10 local bike shops are giving prizes to celebrate the 4th anniversary of HER Helmet Thursdays
  280. for referring to Bicycling Monterey’s Spanish resources section
  281. California by Bike tour for plans to benefit Bicycling Monterey; and organizers of the local gathering for creating such a fun evening for the public
  282. Chris Cain of Monterey Bay Racing Team for sharing a heads-up with the bike community regarding Madonna Del Sasso’s bike rodeo (click here)
  283. Sonja Rindermann and Nigel Fuentes, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, for sharing info about Bicycling Monterey
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  285. Grant Leonard of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County for press release regarding Transportation Excellence Awards
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  291. Gears 4 Good on Facebook
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  295. Isaac M, organizer, Monterey Bay Outdoor League Meetup, for sharing info about Bicycling Monterey and HER Helmet Thursdays (and folks, if you want to share fliers with others–which is how Isaac got the info–click here)
  296. Fisherman’s Wharf/Wharf I, for sharing the news via weblink
  297. Ann McGrath and Eric Palmer of the City of Monterey – Amgen Stage 4, May 2014 promotion – website resources section
  298. National Bike Summit 2014 #nbs14 advocates on Twitter for sharing many @bikemonterey and @herhelmetthurs ideas
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  300. Steve Lynch, Floann Younker, and  E. J. Lynch, for interest and encouragement about the Bicycling Monterey work
  301. Liz Soto, Deputy City Clerk, City of Salinas, for facilitating communications with city officials about expanding biking ops in Salinas
  302. Emily Glanville of Ecology Action, Santa Cruz, for including Monterey County in regional links on the Santa Cruz Bike Links page
  303. Jaime Rios, Public Information Officer of California High Patrol’s Monterey office, for supporting public education regarding  CA’s Three-Foot Passing legislation, and for reaching out about how CHP can support Bike Month safety activities
  304. Alex Cappelli for being a steadfast bike community supporter, including as a resource person gathering info for bike film fest
  305. Faith Torgensen, Museum of Monterey, for helping keep MoM staff apprised of HER Helmet Thursdays participation
  306. Nancy Selfridge, City Council, City of Monterey and Udo Rehfeldt for news about the Monterey Bicycling Film Festival
  307. Cyclelogical, for shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter about the Monterey County Youth Center bike class
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  309. Jade Stephens for info on the Menstrual X Cycles
  310. Cody Meyer of AMBAG for delivering Cycle Tracks resources to be shared at bike community events
  311. Kathleen Novoa/Big Sur Kate for forwarding relevant info
  312. KUSP for 5th anniversary shout-out to Bicycling Monterey on Twitter
  313. Don Chapin III for communications regarding Salinas race events
  314. Victor Kong of Star Market for being a great community supporter, including a drop-off and pick-up point for Bike Month posters
  315. Dennis Duke for updates on New Monterey bike infrastructure news
  316. Marge Ann Jameson of Cedar Street Times for tweeting Bicycling Monterey news, including about the 2014 Intergenerational Ride
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  318. City of Salinas for tweeting @bikemonterey news
  319. City of Pacific Grove for tweeting @bikemonterey news
  320. Monterey Public Library for sharing Bicycling Monterey resources via library lobby bulletin board
  321. Kimberly Brown, on-call staff at City of Monterey Casanova Oak Knolls, for info exchanges re bike repair class
  322. Bob Shanteau for sharing resources on roundabouts
  323. Jake Scott of Bike Fetish for referral leading to contribution to students of Youth Center bike class
  324. Carrie Crook of The Wharf Marketplace for invitation to participate in Earth Day event, and for sharing information about Bike Month
  325. All the unnamed individuals who helped distribute Bike Month posters to more remote locations in the county
  326. Sarah Murer of People for Bikes for follow-ups re bike safety and advocacy outreach materials
  327. Interbike, for sharing Bicycling Monterey tips about IBD Summit and Bicycle Leadership Conference on Facebook
  328. City of Monterey Communications Office, for sharing news about HER Helmet Thursdays on Facebook
  329. London Bridge Pub, for sharing news about HER Helmet Thursdays on Facebook – “Commercial Wharf II says: It’s unanimous!”
  330. Tom Kabat for reaching out with encouraging words
  331. Gordon and Terri Babbitt, David Craft, and other parents for brightening everyone’s day by bringing their children to the Intergenerational Bike Ride; and Natalie Oliver for likewise brightening our day by bringing her parents and grandparents!
  332. Samantha Harrison, Residence Inn Salinas, for spreading news about HER Helmet Thursdays and other Salinas biking info on Twitter
  333. Salinas City Council Member Jose Castañeda for sharing Bicycling Monterey news and resources on Twitter.
  334. Lt. Jeff Jackson of City of Monterey Police Department for sharing some additional bicycle security links for Bicycling Monterey’s bike security section.
  335. Kristen Osland, Natividad Medical Center employee (with a focus on community outreach to help with the effects of criminal violence, and to reduce bicycle and pedestrian related injuries), for sharing news about Bicycling Monterey site and projects
  336. Leo Kodl, avid cyclist and Defense Language Institute employee, for his steady encouragement, since the first year, about the value of the Bicycling Monterey website; and for being a source of helpful info about recumbents!
  337. Larry Imwalle of Action Council for sharing Bicycling Monterey news via Twitter
  338. Dorrie Coman, Porter Youth Center Facility Director, for inviting Mari/Bicycling Monterey to share info at the Youth Center’s Bike Month rodeo; and Daniel Saia, PYC employee, for his welcome too
  339. Richard Dobias on behalf of Keith DeFiebre and Central Coast CycloCross, for submitting CCCX events for Bicycling Monterey’s calendar
  340. Tracey and James Lawrence of Monterey Bay Composite Team for updates on the team
  341. Molly K. Smith, Auxiliary President for American Legion Post 589, for info about their lowrider bike show
  342. Jeffrey Ernest of, for extra support on the 3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride
  343. Ariana Green of TAMC for research assistance regarding local infrastructure
  344. Kristi K. Burns, principal of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy, East Salinas, for follow-up regarding bike helmet giveaways
  345. Laurel Burchfield, Transportation for Michigan Coordinator, for sharing news about Bicycling Monterey via a 6/27/14 T4M blog post
  346. Roberto Robledo, senior writer for the Salinas Californian, for arranging a news brief about the need for volunteers for Monterey County Youth Center bike class
  347. Kera Abraham, assistant editor of the Monterey County Weekly, for connecting bike advocates, helping to increase the effectiveness of Monterey County bike advocacy
  348. Sergeant Gerard Ross and Sergeant Bryan Cupak of Salinas Police Department for above-and-beyond patrol service assisting people who bike
  349. Peter Fox of Kryptonite for his prompt, helpful response to a request for bike security equipment for a teen who had graduated Monterey County Youth Center bike class
  350. MacGregor Eddy, “We Could Car Less” columnist for the Californian, for sharing news of Bicycling Monterey site and projects
  351. Kenneth Chrisman of MORCA for communications regarding  proposal for a pump track at Toro Park
  352. Maria Osorio of MIIS for supporting the sharing of bike info at the annual MIIS info fair
  353. Traci and Tony Williams for being on the alert for Youth Center bike class volunteers
  354. Michael Fechter and Tia Sukin for communication regarding outreach to homeless
  355. Sasha Tepedelenova of AMBAG for updates on Emergency Ride Home program
  356. Ariana Green of TAMC for updates on misc projects
  357. Ariana Green of TAMC and Rich Deal of City of Monterey for follow-up regarding confusing lane marking at Mark Thomas and Aguajito, Monterey
  358. James Serrano for prompt response to query about viability of ghost bike or other lasting memorial to honor Adrian Garcia
  359. Mirna Jaime Acuna on Facebook
  360. SoCal High School Cycling League on Facebook
  361. Debbie Hale of TAMC for support of the work of Bicycling Monterey, and copyright law, by requesting permission to reuse of Bicycling Monterey photos
  362. Allyson Thommen of the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau for careful attention to the guest post on their blog about Ciclovia Salinas
  363. Jim Wrona for supporting the helpfulness of the Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County with his annual updates on Critical Christmas
  364. Ameriken of MORCA for tweaks and general tending of MORCA calendar, supporting helpfulness of Master Calendar for Bicycing Monterey County
  365. Marlo Mendoza of Monterey County Youth Center for sufficiently advance notice to bike class volunteers regarding mandatory trainings
  366. Richard Gray, Patty Esparza, and Marlo Mendoza for meeting with Luciano Rodriguez and Mari Lynch toward a successful third year of Youth Center bike class
  367. Kathleen Novoa, Big Sur Kate, for helpful input about our Big Sur coast and the impact of the new Three Feet for Safety law
  368. Jeff Lindenthal for the heads-up, and Jeff Wriedt for helpful input about the KC Fontes benefit Twilight Ride
  369. Susan Benjaram for updates on Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day for 2014 and 2015
  370. Kenneth Chrisman for info on potential pump track for Toro Park
  371. Steve McShane for info on the biking Historical Tour in Salinas
  372. Open Streets Project for sharing resources about Ciclovia Salinas
  373. Community Foundation for Monterey County for sharing resources about Ciclovia Salinas
  374. Return of the Natives Restoration Project for sharing resources about Ciclovia Salinas
  375. Alex Magana, Marina Police Department school resources officer, for reach-out about Marina Bike Rodeo
  376. Jairo Hernandez of Monterey County Health Department/Safe Routes to School for including Bicycling Monterey in the Health in All Policies Summit 2014 in Seaside
  377. Dennis Taylor of the Salinas Californian for reference to Mari’s sidewalk riding information in his 9/29/14 “Salinas Drivers: So much mayhem, so little time”
  378. Bike 2 Work Nevada for sharing on Facebook Mari’s sidewalk tips
  379. Bike SoMi (South Miami, FL) for sharing on Facebook a link to Mari’s tips for college students
  380. Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance/Bike Washoe on Facebook
  381. Jack Long and Janet Long, for being local–and touring–roll/role models and sharing their inspiring story with media
  382. Mark Anderson of Monterey County Weekly for updates on Monterey County restaurants and other businesses and organizations participating in the HER Helmet Thursdays project
  383. Areli Carreón of Bicitekas and Maria Sipin of Multicultural Communities for Mobility for teaming up with Mari to share multicultural and multilingual resources on an Alliance for Biking & Walking mutual aid call; and Brighid O’Keane of the Alliance for inviting this presentation
  384. Andrew Kipsey for his very helpful same-day heads-up when a video update resulted in a broken link
  385. MacGregor Eddy and Dennis Taylor of the Salinas Californian for bringing up important bike law and safety topics, including sidewalk riding
  386. Roberto Robledo, senior writer for the Salinas Californian, for his profile of Luciano Rodriguez, coordinator of the Monterey County Youth Center bike class; also translated and published in El Sol, “Excelencia en el ámbito del ciclismo de Salinas
  387. Erik Cushman, Publisher, and the Monterey County Weekly for supporting the 5th Anniversary of The HER Helmet Thursdays Project by discounting a full-page ad in the Monterey County Weekly; click here
  388. Eleven locally owned bicycle shops for celebrating the 5th Anniversary of The HER Helmet Thursdays Project by purchasing a full-page ad in the Monterey County Weekly; click here
  389. Juan Quintana for tech support re 5th anniversary poster
  390. Steve Benes of Gears 4 Good for responding to heads-up about a local youth in need of a bke
  391. Chris Pia of California Highway Patrol for outreach regarding bike law and safety in Pebble Beach, on behalf of the Del Monte Forest Property Owners Association and the Pebble Beach Community Services District; see Bicycling Monterey’s reminders here
  392. Nicholas Takashi Santana for communications about Clash of the Mallets, Monterey County’s first bike polo tournament
  393. Grant Leonard and Ariana Green, Transportation Agency for Monterey County, for communications about TAMC’s 2015 Bicycle Secure Program
  394. Julie Armstrong of Big Sur International Marathon for being available as a bike info resource at Monterey Bay Region Economic Summit
  395. Bud Colligan of Monterey Bay Economic Partnership for communications on Twitter
  396. Dave Crozier of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department and Safe Kids Monterey program
  397. Penny Butler for website feedback
  398. Steve McShane, Salinas City Council Member for District 3,  for interest in the pros and cons of sidewalk riding
  399. Eric Petersen, chair, TAMC Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, for update regarding City of Salinas Bicycle Committee, and for submitting info for the bike calendar
  400. Ron Dillender, principal,  Lincoln Elementary School, Salinas, for update about cycling club
  401. Maria Montiel, Transportation Agency for Monterey County, for monthly communications to bike-ped committee members and others
  402. City of Monterey tweeter for informative City Council meeting tweets and for sharing Bicycling Monterey tips on Twitter
  403. Anna Herrera of Pajaro Middle School for communication about PMS and Bicycling Monterey resources
  404. Rosemary Hernandez, Child Development Coordinator, Pajaro Valley Unified School District-Pajaro Family Resource Center, for forwarding communications to Pajaro Middle School student council members
  405. Austin McInery of National Interscholastic Cycling Association for communications regarding Salinas High student K.C.Fontes, winner of GU Extraordinary Courage Award, and for steady Twitter communications with @bikemonterey
  406. Roberto Robledo of the Californian, Sherry Chandler of Doug Chandler Performance, and Jan Valencia of Cycle Stop Honda for partnering up in securing extra copies of K.C. Fontes Californian story
  407. KION on Facebook
  408. Prunedale Improvement Project on Facebook
  409. Carey Beebe of Carey Beebe Harpsichords for helpful input about a confusing bike lane arrow on Mark Thomas Drive
  410. Laura Vidaurri of Fort Ord Reuse Authority ESCA remediation program for sharing news of the Bicycling Monterey resources on Twitter
  411. Hank Armstrong, Monterey Bay Aquarium, for sharing news with staff about Bicycling Monterey resources
  412. Sarah-Mae Nelson, Monterey Bay Aquarium, for communications on Twitter–and for her leadership in climate change education and literacy
  413. Rich Masoner, Cyclelicous, for tracking down PDFs about biking near trucks and buses (remedying broken links)
  414. Donna Zirwes and Allyson Thommen of Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau, for sharing Bicycling Monterey resources at MCCVB’s Sea Otter Classic booth
  415. Steve Benes of for sharing Bicycling Monterey resources at Gears 4 Good’s  Sea Otter Classic booth, and also for creating a new mini from one of the posters
  416. Kristen Spencer, Natividad Medical Center employee (with a focus on community outreach to help with the effects of criminal violence, and to reduce bicycle and pedestrian related injuries), for facilitating support for bike safety outreach (see List of Contributors of Project Supplies)
  417. Theresa Wright, Transportation Agency for Monterey County, for writing and distributing a 2015 press release about the 4th Annual Intergenerational Ride
  418. James Serrano, traffic planner for City of Salinas, for his leadership, shown by responding affirmatively to our encouragement to be among the small group of attending the first Caltrans-hosted Class IV bikeways summit in Sacramento
  419. Virginia Murillo of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County for being available as a bilingual contact person for TAMC, including for contact regarding Bicycle Secure Program, Wayfinding project, and Bicycle Map update
  420. Maria Montiel of TAMC for communications with bike-ped committee members and interested members of the public
  421. Dominic Lucchesi of Hostelling International, Monterey branch, for reach-out about Bike Travel 101, a Bike Month 2015 event
  422. Zoe Shoats, MST, for confirming MST details (a bike-and-ride option) for the Intergenerational Ride for Bike Month 2015
  423. Kevin Smith, Director of New Media, Monterey County Weekly, for his extra dedication to publishing accurate information
  424. Sierra Dehmler for sharing the League of American Bicyclists (AKA Bike League) 5/11/15 blog post,  #WhyIRide – “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles. This League blog post featured Mari’s “We’re All Heroes on This Bus,” first broadcast on KUSP 9/6/09. Sierra and the others listed directly below are especially appreciated for voluntarily helping as Bicycling Monterey’s “online street team.”  Bicycling Monterey is not on Facebook, Instagram, and other online social sites, with the exception of Twitter. Having volunteers who help with online social outreach frees up more of Mari’s hours for the many other Bicycling Monterey tasks. Thank you!
  425. Paula Ross for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  426. Laurel Thomsen for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  427. Dan Frechette for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with his online social circles
  428. Charlotte Rozier Manis  for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  429. Anneke Prins  for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  430. Blessed Earth for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with their online social circles
  431. Bettina Hotelling for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  432. Ray Napolitano for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with his online social circles
  433. Larry Pizzi for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with his online social circles
  434. Cammie Essad Lynch for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  435. Transportation Agency for Monterey County, Prunedale Improvement Project, and San Juan Road Interchange Project for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with their online social circles
  436. Nathan Pierce for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with his online social circles
  437. Sandi Laney for sharing “Seeing the World Anew” with her online social circles
  438. Salinas City Council members José Castañeda (District 1), Tony Barrera (District 2), and Steve McShane (District 3) for their leadership and enthusiasm in proclaiming May 2015 as Bike Month in the City of Salinas
  439. Monterey City Council for proclaiming May 2015 as Bike Month in the City of Monterey (tip of the helmet to @cityofmonterey and Council member @haffaalan on Twitter for their responsiveness to @bikemonterey’s suggestion)
  440. MacGregor Eddy for her ongoing community outreach and bike advocacy via her “We Could Car Less” column in the  Californian, including her 5/24/15 column about Monterey County Youth Center bike class
  441. Bernard Green, CSUMB transportation outreach coordinator, for info about the 5/30 “bike skillz” training at CSUMB
  442. Raj Bergundy for reaching out about the 1st anniversary memorial ride for Adrian Garcia
  443. Sgt Gerard Ross of Salinas Police Department for extra courtesy and support extended to the bike community on 1st anniversary memorial ride for Adrian Garcia
  444. Ariana Green of TAMC for posts to the master bike calendar
  445. Devin Meheen, Jason Burnett, and Victoria Beach for responding to questions about the proposed Rio Road bike lanes; and Nick of Bay Bikes for follow-up communication
  446. Joel Pablo of the Clerk of the Board’s office, Monterey County Board of Supervisors, for replies and follow-up communications
  447. David Hober and Jordin Tucker of the Monterey Police Department for distributing to PD staff bike law summary fliers in Spanish and English, including for National Night Out
  448. Michael Moore and Jesucita Robles of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office for their interest in bike law summary fliers and other bicycling resources
  449. Armando Mendoza and Raul Garcia of the Greenfield Police Department for their interest in bike law summary fliers and other bicycling resources
  450. Andrew Breault, Executive Administrator of the Del Monte Shopping Center, for surveying changes of the DMSC’s bike rack locations
  451. Mark Kaufmann and Velo Club Monterey for merging VCM’s calendar with Bicycling Monterey’s, saving me alot of time
  452. Amy Naranjo and Cory Caletti of Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commision for sharing Bicycling Monterey resources with Cruz511 website users
  453. Scott Clegg, Marina Police Department, for communications regarding bicycle safety and law enforcement
  454. Diane Solomon, radio host for sharing Bicycling Monterey resources with KKUP-Cupertino listeners via her on-air interview with Mari
  455. Erik Thurmann of Castroville branch, Monterey County Free Libraries for photos of display featuring new bike-related items contributed to the library in appreciation for the work of Bicycling Monterey
  456. Ann Bixler and David Hart, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, for communications regarding Amgen 2016 in Monterey County
  457. Jennifer Butz, director, Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center, for facilitating scheduling of dates for Bicycling Monterey’s new in 2015 bike ed gatherings added to the YC’s bike education program
  458. Wendy Booher and Jeannie Pruitt-Retamoso for communications regarding 2016 Sea Otter Classic
  459. Keith DeFiebre for social media shout-outs
  460. Doris Chen for serving as a role model (including in video) of people who bike as part of their commitment to Earth Stewardship
  461. Victor Henry of Monterey Public Library for serving as an especially helpful information resource for library patrons looking for bike maps and other bicycling info
  462. Felicia Aguilar and Ali Manouchehrizadeh, co-hosts for 6/20/16 “Alza Tu Voz / Speak Out” program on Radio Bilingüe, for interviewing Jerry Ramos and Mari Lynch on bike topics; and producer, host, and youth radio coordinator Jesús (“Chui”) Ramírez
  463. Eliana Coronel for communications regarding the Third Annual Adrian Garcia Memorial Bike Ride
  464. Judith Pacheco of Indigenous Interpreting + for facilitating provision of bicycles for two South County II+ team members
  465. Steve Blum for outreach, and for ticklers on infrastructure issues
  466. Ted Rogers of Biking in LA for the kind shout-outs on social media and for linking to Bicycling Monterey on his blog
  467. Rich Masoner of Cyclelicious for numerous links to and shout-outs about Bicycling Monterey
  468. Renee and Ty Hardenstein for numerous kindnesses
  469. Lynn Hamilton for sharing many Bicycling Monterey links on Facebook
  470. Edith Frederick for being the first person (and as of 5/1/17, thus far the only) person to set up an automatic monthly contribution to support the Bicycling Monterey work
  471. Chris Flescher for encouraging words, including shout-outs on social media
  472. Geoff Arnold for encouraging words and spreading the news out on the bikeways
  473. Susan Merfeld, Community Affairs Director, Pebble Beach Company for helpful response to someone’s question about temporary signage

Bicycling Monterey “Street Team”

This is a grassroots effort, and those who share the news with others are making a vital contribution.  We appreciate everyone sharing the good news via such methods as:
  • telling others the old-fashioned way (which never goes out of style), by word-of-mouth
  • keeping mini-fliers in their purse, pocket, pack, or panniers so they have something at hand to pass along to folks they’re chatting withscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-49-54-pm
  • sharing links via online social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • displaying posters or fliers7th-anniv-her-helmet-thursdays-a-bikemontereydotorg-project

Contact Mari for tips on how to help.

Derrick Chao and Kyle Ingebretson of the San Francisco Bay Area just learned about the Bicycling Monterey resources and the HER Helmet Thursdays Project.

Taqueria Del Mar was one of the first 100 participants in HER Helmet Thursdays.

* * * * *

If you found information on this site valuable, please consider making a contribution to help maintain and expand these resources.  Even the smallest contribution is meaningful and appreciated.

Thank you,