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Video: Bike Date in Monterey County – “Learn to Love Again” by Taylor Kropp

Let the video below inspire you for a bike date, in Monterey County or anywhere. 

Here’s to love!  ♥

Wherever you live, whoever you love, 

consider giving your loved ones

the gift of time bicycling with you.
“Bike Date in Monterey County”
with soundtrack, “Learn to Love Again,” by Taylor Kropp

For sharper, clearer images, you may prefer to watch the alternate version of “Bike Date” directly below.

Do your loved one likes a “fancier” date? See for ideas.

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Special thanks to Taylor Kropp

for generously contributing rights to “Learn to Love Again.” © 2016 Taylor Kropp/Amargosa Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Taylor Kropp, a native of Monterey County, is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist based out of Nashville. As a sideman he has worked with Tanya Tucker, Kristen Kelly, Josh Dorr, and Sarah Turner. In 2016 his guitar work was highlighted in the feature film “Believe.”

“Learn to Love” is available for purchase at you may review the lyrics as well.

“Learn to Love Again” was written and produced by Taylor Kropp.

  • Guitar/Vocals: Taylor Kropp
  • Drums: Dustin Roberts
  • Bass: Dino Villanueva
  • Keys: Monty Montanaro
  • BGV: Sara Rose Kropp

Engineered and recorded at DHI in Franklin, TN. Edited and mixed by Rob Gulseth; Big Punch Music in Nashville, TN.

Thank you to each person photographed for inspiring “Bike Date in Monterey County.”

“Bike Date in Monterey County” © 2017. All photographs were shot in Monterey County 2009-2016 by Bicycling Monterey founder Mari Lynch.

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This post was previously published on January 24, 2017.

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