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Bike for Sustainable Seafood

Mari with her catch of the day.

If I’m going to eat fish, I want sustainable.  And I want to know that my children will have healthy waterways, and a healthy planet in general. Biking is another way to help.

As many Seafood Watch participants already recognize:

Bicycling helps keep things out of the Monterey Bay that don’t belong there…

like oil runoff, brake dust, deposited vehicle exhaust, and various automotive fluids, as the City of Monterey’s Transportation Alternatives noted regarding the environmental impact of cars. And, of course, biking helps the environment in many ways beyond water pollution; see the U.S. Department of Transportation’s research for starters.

Support Seafood Watch restaurants. And when you bike on a Thursday to those also in the HER Helmet Thursdays project,  get a discount!

The following restaurants are in HER Helmet Thursdays and Seafood Watch.

  1. Café Fina, Monterey
  2. Cannery Row Brewing Company, Monterey
  3. Courtside Bistro at Chamisal, Corral de Tierra
  4. Domenico’s on the Wharf, Monterey
  5. Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro, Pacific Grove
  6. Hula’s Island Grill and Tiki Room, Monterey
  7. Knuckles Sports Bar at the Hyatt Regency Monterey
  8. Pacific Cafe and Bar at Embassy Suites Monterey Bay, Seaside
  9. Passionfish, Pacific Grove
  10. Peter B’s Brewpub at the Portola Hotel and Spa, Monterey
  11. Point Pinos Grill, Pacific Grove
  12. Rocky Point Restaurant, Carmel (located 10 miles south of Carmel, on the Big Sur coast)
  13. Schooners Coastal Kitchen and Bar, Monterey
  14. Terry’s Restaurant and Lounge at the Cypress Inn 
  15. TusCA Ristorante at the Hyatt Regency Monterey

If you have a favorite Seafood Watch restaurant that isn’t yet in the R/restaurants category of  HER Helmet Thursdays, invite them!

Back on June 12,  2012, there were 23 Monterey County restaurants in the Seafood Watch project.  Of those, more than half (13) were also in HER Helmet Thursdays. 

Dad and daughter no permission needed for bike fashion

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Monterey County leaders in wise stewardship

The Seafood Watch program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is concerned for present and future generations.  Seafood Watch project participants are committed to serving sustainable seafood.

And if you eat fish and seafood, you can take it an extra mile by helping to keep oil runoff out of the Monterey Bay and other waterways, by biking.

How to get the discount

To get the HER Helmet Thursdays discount, bike or bike-and-ride to an HHT spot on a Thursday–morning, afternoon, or night.  Check date restrictions (federal holidays and some Monterey County special event weeks may apply).

Tips on biking there

Besides the bike-there tips in the individual HER Helmet Thursdays participants’ listings, bike-friendly Monterey County has more tips, for visitors and locals.  Check out the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide on this site.

Happy pedaling–and happy dining!

Other types of HER Helmet Thursdays venues

You can also support all HHT participants! The HER Helmet Thursdays project includes a wide variety of H-E-R spots, and all of them are benefiting HER/Mother Earth by encouraging more people to bike.

HER?  H= hotels/other lodging;  E= educational attractions and entertainment venues; and R=restaurants and related places–including coffee shops and wineries.

You’ll find a clickable map, pocket guide, and other information on the HER Helmet Thursdays All Participants page.  To learn more about the project, which is also appropriate for other geographic locations, read the Goals and Overview of the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

Wineries in HER Helmet Thursdays who are Cooking for Solutions

There are wineries in the HER Helmet Thursdays project that have also participated in the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking for Solutions conference.  Here’s a sampling:

Heller Estate Organic VineyardsHeller Estate Organic Vineyards HER Helmet Thursdays listing – and the Heller bike-to-work winemaker, Rich Tanguay

Scheid VineyardsScheid Vineyards, Greenfield and Scheid Vineyards, Carmel HER Helmet Thursdays listings

Fishing-by-bike Tres April 2014 in Monterey

Monterey County beach tips

If you’re a beach-lover, see Bike to the Beach for help on maximizing your fun–and for ideas on caring for what you love.

Below, Mari Lynch fishing at Nelson Lake, Yosemite National Park

Cooking for Solutions

Cooking for Solutions is likewise worthy of your investigation.

More about sustainable seafood

The National Geographic offers these guidelines on How to Eat Seafood Responsibly.

As reported by Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post,   in 2012, the United States will become the first country to impose catch limits for every species it manages.  Read Eiperin’s story, “U.S. tightens fishing policies, setting 2012 catch limits for all managed species.”

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