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May 20: Bike to Shop Day

Bike Month celebrations in Monterey County and elsewhere include Bike to Shop Day. Nationwide, most will observe it Saturday, May 20, 2017. Scroll down for details.
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For other Bike Month activities in Monterey County, see the month of May on Bicycling Monterey’s

Since February 2010, tips for shopping by bike anywhere, along with tips specific to Monterey County, are in Bicycling Monterey’s Tips for Bicycling Monterey County 20-section guide.

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In 2014, to add to the fun of Bike Month, our neighbors to the north at the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition inaugurated Bike to Shop Day. SVBC member Janet LaFleur AKA Lady LaFleur had an inspiration and vision; read about it here, on the League of American Bicyclists website. In 2015, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition launched SFBC’s first Bike to Shop Day. Many others have followed suit.
Biking just about anywhere makes sense for so many reasons; see a list in why bike. And as reports in shopping by bike point out, it’s often the case that people who shop by bike are better customers for local businesses than people who drive.
Read on to learn about some Monterey County businesses giving Thursday discounts if you shop by bike.
Remember also to shop farmers markets by bike, as Elliott (below) does.

In Monterey County,

shoppers-by-bike can even get discounts on Thursdays.

Did you know? HER Helmet Thursdays is primarily Hotels, Educational and Entertainment venues, Restaurants, and related places. But among the hundreds of participating business and organizations are some retail shops and wineries who wanted to be in the project too.
HER Helmet Thursdays, launched in 2009 (as told Earth Day 2010 in the Monterey County Weekly), is an entirely volunteer effort and very time-consuming for the founder (c’est moi). It just hasn’t been feasible to include every type of business and organization. To keep it a little simpler, the focus has been on H-E-R types of places only. But there are some exceptions—e.g., the places listed below.
If you bike to shop at any of the following places on a Thursday, you can get a discount; click here for HER Helmet Thursdays how-tos and FAQs.
Shopping by bike for wine? Get HER Helmet Thursdays discounts (on Thursdays), at these wineries:


1. Cima Collina Winery Tasting Room, Carmel Valley


2. De Tierra Vineyards Tasting Room, Carmel


3. Hahn SLH Estate Winery, Soledad


4. Heller Estates Organic Vineyards, Carmel Valley


5. Paraiso Vineyards, Soledad


6. Pierce Ranch Vineyards, Monterey


7. Scheid Vineyards Estate Winery and Tasting Room, Greenfield


8. Scheid Vineyards Tasting Room, Carmel


9. Zeph’s One-Stop, Salinas

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