Bicycling Monterey (County) began its 7th year in May 2015. May 1-31, phone calls and postal mail to Bicycling Monterey will be responded to as usual. Responses to emails and other online communications will be postponed until June. Happy Bike Month!

Below are details for contacting Mari by phone, postal mail, online social media, and email. Also on this page: how to submit a calendar listingguest post,  or subscribe; and how businesses and organizations can sign up for The HER Helmet Thursdays Project.

The Bicycling Monterey website and projects remain an entirely volunteer gig for Mari.

Contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your interest. Respect copyright. To reuse a photo, text, or other material from this website, first contact Mari for permission.



You are welcome to phone any day or hour that is convenient for you.

If leaving a message, to receive a return call, please provide a phone number within the United States. An alternative is to contact another of the Monterey County bike community leaders.

Postal mail

Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey, PO Box 3041, Monterey, CA 93942-3041

Online social media/Twitter

Bicycling Monterey is on Twitter @BikeMonterey. The HER Helmet Thursdays project is on Twitter @HERHelmetThurs.

Bicycling Monterey and The HER  Helmet Thursdays Project are not on Facebook, Instagram, or other online social media sites. We’d rather be biking!

Submit a calendar listing

Click here to view the Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County. If you have an activity or event to be listed, submit it by using the form here. Questions? Phone Mari.

Submit a guest post

See guidelines in how to submit a guest post.

Subscribe to Bicycling Monterey

Send your email address using the form below, and state “Subscribe.” Your email address will not be given, sold, or traded to others. (See privacy policy.) As of March 2015, email notices are not usually sent to subscribers when new posts are published. If you’d like to receive an email notice of all new posts, please let Mari know.

Sign up for HER Helmet Thursdays

(For Businesses and Organizations)

Click here.


To prevent spam, it is requested that a first email be sent using the form below. Or, phone Mari to ask for the email address.

Responses to emails are occasionally delayed. If you have an urgent question for Mari, phone instead. Or if you have a general question about bicycling in Monterey County, you may wish to contact another of the Monterey County bike community resources. Thank you.

How did you learn about the Bicycling Monterey website?
Message to Mari (not a comment for posting). If you'd like a reply, please include your phone number and the hours you welcome a call.
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