This page includes how to reach Bicycling Monterey by phone and postal mail.

Listed too is info about submitting a calendar listing or a guest post, etc., how to subscribe, and info for businesses and organizations regarding HER Helmet Thursdays updates and sign-ups. Also below is info about social media accounts and email.

If you find Bicycling Monterey of value, as many people do, consider making a contribution.

Bicycling Monterey was founded May 2009 by volunteer Mari Lynch. As the 8th year began in May 2016, Mari continues to provide the website and all other projects entirely as a volunteer. Note below the advisories effective June 2016.

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Phone calls are welcome. Before calling, please refer to the 5 tips below. 
(831) 375-6278
  1. This is a landline phone. Voice only, no text messages.
  2. You are welcome to phone any day or hour that is convenient for you.
  3. If Mari is unable to pick up your call, please leave a voice message and a callback number with a U.S. area code. She will be happy to return your call at her earliest opportunity.
  4. Especially if you are calling from a cell phone, sometimes poor reception means your message cannot be heard clearly. If you do not receive a callback, perhaps your callback number could not be understood, so please call again.
  5. It is Mari’s pleasure to assist people from outside the U.S. too, whenever possible. If you’re unable to reach her immediately and your callback number has a non-U.S. area code,  an alternative for general questions about bicycling in Monterey County is to contact another Monterey County bicycling resource.

Postal mail

Mari Lynch, Bicycling Monterey, PO Box 3041, Monterey, CA 93942-3041

Submit a calendar listing

Submissions for the Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County continue to be welcome and appreciated. Click here to submit a listing.

The calendar is intended for bicycling or bike-related activities, meetings, or events that take place in Monterey County.  If yours only begins or ends in Monterey County, you’re welcome to inquire.

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Please note below

advisories effective beginning June 2016.

Why the change? From May 2009-May 2016, Mari has given well over ten thousand hours of time, entirely unpaid, to the Bicycling Monterey projects, including the website. To help Bicycling Monterey continue, ten women launched a fundraising campaign that ran from December 22, 2015 through May 31, 2016. The campaign did increase contributions from the previous average $1.33 per day to $12.73 per day. However, this is still far short of the fundraising goal. As a result, it is necessary that time and other resources devoted to this work be reduced in this 8th year. Forthcoming contributions will be a determining factor in what will still be possible.

Every contribution is helpful and appreciated. Click for payment options and FAQs.

Updates or new sign-ups for

HER Helmet Thursdays

Advisory, beginning June 2016: All communications from businesses and organizations that are already participating will continue to be very much welcome and appreciated. This includes, but is not limited to, any updates, such as: if your participating business or organization is relocating to a new address, or is closing, or if you wish to change the percentage of its discount. However, beginning June 2016, if  you are communicating via email, to ensure a response, please phone Mari to alert her you are sending an email. Thank you.
If your business or organization is not yet a participant in the HER Helmet Thursdays project and would like to sign up, your interest is appreciated. Sign-ups are for businesses and organizations in Monterey County who will offer discounts on Thursdays to males and females who bike. Please phone Mari before signing up. Click here for the online sign-up form.

If you’re outside Monterey County, feel free to phone Mari about the possibility of setting up a project where you are.

Submit a guest post, etc.

Advisory: Beginning June 2016, very few new posts will be published. You are welcome to phone Mari if you have any questions about this change.
See guidelines for how to submit a guest post, etc.

All ages, locals and visitors, are welcome to phone Mari about the possibility of submitting a guest post, story, essay, poem, art, photo, or other material about bicycling in Monterey County.  Also welcome are bike news tips, links to media coverage, press releases, or similar info.

In addition, some bike news and events related to other parts of the Monterey Bay region (San Benito County and Santa Cruz County) are published on the Bicycling Monterey website. Monterey Bay neighbors, please feel free to ask.


Advisory, beginning June 2016: You are still welcome to subscribe. However, it is not planned to send notices of any new posts, or any newsletters, to subscribers. You are welcome to phone Mari if you have any questions about this change.

Curious what the newsletters were? “Bike community news” summaries (e.g., like this, this, or this).

If you still wish to subscribe, so you’ll receive any future communications sent to subscribers: (1) provide your email address using the form at the bottom of this page, and (2) check the “Subscribe” box.

Your email address will not be given, sold, or traded to others. (See privacy policy.)

Online social media

Advisory: Beginning June 2016, as part of reducing Mari’s volunteer hours in Bicycling Monterey’s 8th year, social media accounts may not be attended to for now. Although Mari may still occasionally post something on social media, replies there cannot be promised at this time. You may wish to check later for any possible updates.
Twitter: Bicycling Monterey – @BikeMonterey
Twitter: The HER Helmet Thursdays Project – @HERHelmetThurs
Facebook –

Note: Mari was not active on Facebook until December 26, 2015, when she began to post Bicycling Monterey news on her FB account linked above. 


You’re still welcome to send an email. However, kindly note this advisory, beginning June 2016: As part of reducing Mari’s volunteer hours in Bicycling Monterey’s 8th year, it will no longer be possible to reply to all emails. You may wish to phone Mari instead.
An alternative for emailing, if you have general questions about bicycling in Monterey County, is to email another Monterey County bicycling resource.
In order to receive any email notifications that go out to subscribers, it is necessary to provide your name and email address in the fields above.
Message to Mari (not a comment for posting). If you'd like a reply, please include a callback number with a U.S. area code, along with the hours you welcome a call. A reply by email cannot be promised.
If you provide a phone number with a U.S. area code, Mari will be happy to give you a call at her earliest opportunity. Or feel free to give her a call.
How did you learn about Bicycling Monterey?
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