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Distracted? Watch out. We’re all family!

Spotted biking Garden Road, Monterey, this girl and her dad might say:
“Heads up! People biking are someone’s beloved family members.”
You may even know them, as the driver in the video below did.

Muchas gracias to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition for the above public service video.  Learn more about LACBC’s Precaución a tu familia.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you

Monterey County cops are alert. For example,  Salinas PD wrote 347 distracted driving citations in one month alone. And they don’t stop with national Zero Tolerance Day. Thank you, Salinas PD! 

Learn more about distracted driving, biking, and walking on the Bicycling Monterey website:  Click here for “Distracted? Stay alert. Cops about!”
Riding Skills, Personal Safety, and California Bike Laws–Tips for Children, Teens, and Adults

Información en español sobre las bicicletas

See Bicycling Monterey’s compilation of resources in Spanish; click here.

Sidewalk riding? 

The child below, biking Seaside, is coming off a sidewalk into a crosswalk. Extra caution required! Most people do agree that children up to approximately age 13 cannot really make the necessary decisions about vehicle speed and distance that allow them to bike safely in the street. Nonetheless, sidewalk riding requires extra caution at driveways and intersections. Listen to my 90-second audio and read tips in “Bicycling on sidewalks: misconceptions and advisories,” which includes laws and tips about crosswalks too.

Special thanks to the father and daughter pictured at the top of this post, who graciously paused for photos during their Sunday ride on Garden Road, Monterey.

See more from their “bike ed” ride, watch related videos, and get an update on infrastructure news; click here.

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