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Earth Day – Bike for Mother Earth

Bicycling benefits people even if they do not bike. The many and diverse benefits of bicycling include environmental benefits.

Lizard's Lick Cleanup Monterey

Bicycling and Ecotourism / Good Earthkeeping Right at Home” (short link is may also be of interest to you.

There you can read about the Vietnam veteran above, Don Williams, and his latest service to his country.
As the young soldier below knows, biking has the added benefit of reducing our dependence on oil, whether foreign oil or domestic oil whose production includes adverse environmental impacts.
DLI student - hi vis strap in downtown Monterey

The Monterey County Weekly asked me to write an Earth Day story about how the HER Helmet Thursdays project began. Did you miss that April 2010 story? See “Wheel the Earth: HER Helmet Thursdays cuts carbon emissions and costs.”

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Bicycling and ecotourism / good earthkeeping right at home
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Former ER doc attending to the health of the planet: Blessed Earth
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Also, one of the few non-bike topics on Bicycling Monterey is Water is precious: Hydraulic fracking in Monterey County; it includes Protect Monterey County, which is gathering signatures for a voter initiative that Earth-care advocates / Earth Stewardship advocates may find of interest.

Remember: Biking need not be an all-or-nothing activity. Consider bike-and-ride options. Any mile of biking beats a mile of driving!
Below: The California State Senate recognizes that among bicycling’s environmental benefits is cleaner air.


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