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Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead Commemorations

A Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead commemoration is scheduled on November 1, 2013 in Oldtown Salinas: the 16th Annual Bailando con la Muerte – Dancing with Death. Click here for details.

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The information below is from a 2012  event.

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East Salinas: Día de los Muertos at Closter Park

Closter Park is a vibrant hub for East Salinas residents and visitors when the community observes Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead.Honoring the past and enlivening the present with such a festival requires scores of volunteers. 

The annual arts festival for 2012 took place on a beautiful Sunday, October 21.

Among those working hard to make the event happen were the Caminos del Arte Board of Directors–Nicolasa Alvarez, Ruth Hermosillo, Frances Inez Nolder, Caritina Ibarra, Kathleen Navales, Chuy Ramires, Roy Hernandez, Patricia Urzua, Jenny Camarena, and Carol Ruvalcaba.

A parade, hands-on art activities, live entertainment (see poster below for a sampling), food vendors, community booths, and more made up a day of free fun for all ages.

A bike presence was part of the day’s mix, including a bike-powered food vendor….

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Biking enthusiasts present at Día de los Muertos included neighborhood bike commuters. These bikers appreciated the cool bike security option of the first-ever special-event bike valet service in Salinas.  The free service made it easy for bicyclists to park their bike securely (even if they hadn’t brought a lock), then walk into crowded areas of the event.

Also present were elders who told of their grandkids participating on the Salinas High Cowboys Mountain Bike Team, youth who’ve participated in Salinas Bike Party rides, and others who appreciate the many benefits of biking.

Salinas Bike Party organized a bike booth, with help from Green Pedal Couriers. Green Pedal owner Michael Baroni provided bike valet racks and support.

SBP volunteers Robb and Kath Garcia provided oral translation services, sharing local biking and related opportunities, including Ridesharing Month.  Special thanks to Virginia H. Mendoza, Monte Bella community volunteer, for oral translations of announcements about Ridesharing Month.  Mari Lynch was also present, distributing bike maps of Salinas and tips on where to get Spanish, and English, info and support for biking in Salinas and countywide.

For a gallery of photos by Jay Dunn of the Salinas Californian, click here.

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