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Monterey Regional Airport: Bike Lockers, Bike-Friendly Restaurant and Jet Center, and Airport-to-Bike-Path Tips

It’s an easy bike ride from the Monterey Regional Airport to the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail–the bike/multi-use path.  See route tips below.
Besides its proximity to the bike path, there are more reasons why the airport is part of Monterey County’s bike-friendly reputation:  Bicycling-boosting policies of the Golden Tee restaurant and Monterey Jet Center, along with free bicycle lockers for airport patrons.

And did you know? The Monterey Regional Airport—formerly known as the Monterey Peninsula Airport—celebrates its 75th anniversary with a Community Day on October 1, 2016. Scroll to the end of this post for a blast from their past.

Bike lockers

Located in the upper short-term parking lot,  the bicycle lockers are just to the left of the sliding glass entrance doors. Locker use is provided at no charge (on a space-available basis), and as of February 2013, there are two.  Reserve by calling the airport police dispatch number, 831-648-7006.  Dispatch will radio airport police, who lock/unlock the bike lockers.

Bike lockers at Monterey Regional Airport

Photo courtesy of Amelia Poma and Jennifer Hickerson

Airport Lockers - Mtry

The Golden Tee:  Discounts for cyclists at airport restaurant

While you’re at the airport, stop in at extra bike-friendly The Golden Tee Restaurant, one of Monterey County’s HER Helmet Thursdays spots.  Males and females get discounts there, on Thurdays year-round, just because they bike.  Click here for FAQs, and more local listings.

Airport food? Is it good?  You bet!  Locals flock to The Golden Tee for their sand dabs and other fare.  Check out the Golden Tee’s HER Helmet Thursdays listing, then visit the testimonials page of The Golden Tee website.  Having lived on Highway 68 not far from this restaurant for over 30 years, I’ve dined there often, and I can vouch for the truth of their website’s testimonials page–Golden Tee is a longtime favorite of many locals and visitors. 

Airport to bike path:  Easy bicycle route to Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Directions from the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail to the airport are as follows.  There are no one-way streets on this route, so simply reverse these directions if you’re departing from the airport and heading to the coastal trail/bike path.  For additional local route tips, see “Bike maps and other tools for finding your way.”

1. Leave the bike/multi-use path at Casa Verde and Del Monte. (Not familiar with Casa Verde? There’s a traffic light at Casa Verde and Del Monte, and it is next to the Monterey Adult School’s Del Monte location.)

2.Bike up Casa Verde, which is a flat route–only one very, very short, slight incline before Fremont. Continue past Fremont until you reach the T-intersection at Fairgrounds Road. (Just after Casa Verde crosses Fremont Ave, you’ll see the large Beverly’s Fabrics/Crafts store on your right and the Monterey Fairgrounds marquee straight ahead of you.)

3.Turn right on Fairgrounds Road and continue to the traffic signal, which is at Fairgrounds Road and Garden Road. (Just fyi, this is the intersection where the street name changes from Fairgrounds Road to Mark Thomas Drive.)

4.Turn left at the signal, onto Garden Road. Bike the full length of Garden Road (mostly flat, except for one stretch of uphill riding–which makes for a super easy return trip).

5.At the end of Garden Road, you’ll come to a T-intersection, which is Olmsted Road. Make a left and you’ll enter the Monterey Regional Airport

Monterey Jet Center: Taking pilots from the skyways to the bikeways

Monterey Jet Center clearly loves Monterey County.  Located at 300 Sky Park Drive in the Monterey Regional Airport (formerly Monterey Peninsula Airport), the Jet Center staff have a bird’s-eye view of our beautiful Monterey Bay, and they like to help keep it sparkling!

When pilots using their corporate aviation services are out of the sky, the Jet Center supports them in experiencing this area in a more up-close and personal way, via bicycle.  This allows the aviators to lighten their carbon footprint, helping to keep the magnificent Monterey Bay region beautiful, including reducing oil runoff into the Monterey Bay.

Monterey Jet Center knows there are many ways to travel, and they’re not about to overlook the joys of two wheels!  They recognize that, as with flying the skyways, “flying” the bikeways provides another big dose of joy.

View from just above Monterey Jet Center’s offices, looking across the Monterey Bay to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

To facilitate bicycling–giving their clients a major leg up on getting better acquainted with the wonderful places and people that make Monterey so popular–the Monterey Jet Center offers special amenities to all their clients:  bicycles, bike helmets, and vehicle bike racks.  Check out their list of services, where you’ll see “bicycles” featured, right along with limos and rental cars.

Visit their website, or contact the Monterey Jet Center with any questions.  Phone toll-free, 800/MRY-2992, or call the local number, 831/373-0100.

More help

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, make use of this site’s guide Tips for Bicycling Monterey County. The 20-section guide includes California Bike Laws and Personal Safety–with Tips for Kids, Bike Valet Parking, and much more.

Blast from the Past

Monterey Regional Airport was formerly known as the Monterey Peninsula Airport. It reached its 75th anniversary in 2016.

Airport entrance sign - 2

This post was first published February 10, 2011.

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