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The HER Helmet Thursdays Project

10-50% discounts on Thursdays for males and females who bike!

This is the portal to HER Helmet Thursdays information. Links to more details are available by clicking any blue text below. On this page, you can:

  • Watch a 6-minute video— a 2-minute introduction followed by a sampling of participating businesses and organizations
  • Listen to a 2-minute audio intro by project founder Mari Lynch
  • Watch a 2-minute video intro by Ravi Kapur on KSBW
  • Read the history,“Wheel the Earth,” in the Monterey County Weekly
HER refers to Mother Earth, who benefits from more people biking. H-E-R is also an acronym for Hotels, Educational and Entertainment spots, and Restaurants. Related places, such as wineries and spas, are among the participating businesses and organizations.

HER Helmet Thursday is a long-term sustainability project, not a short-term discount promotion. Launched November 2009, the project celebrated its 7th anniversary in 2016.

Listings, How to Get the Discounts, FAQs, Map

Shortcuts to Date Restrictions and Lodging Discounts


6-min video featuring 2-min introduction

followed by a sampling of participants:

2-minute audio intro by Mari Lynch:

What’s up with the bike helmet buzz?” 4/14/10, KUSP

2-minute video intro by Ravi Kapur:

Project Economy:  Bicycling Monterey” 1/10/10, KSBW

Read the history—how HER Helmet Thursdays got started:

Wheel the Earth” by Mari Lynch, Monterey County Weekly, 4/22/10

Wheel the Earth - April 2010

Below: a Monterey County Weekly full-page ad 

honored the project’s 5th Anniversary. 

HER Helmet Thursdays 5th Anniversary poster JQ2

The 7th anniversary was Thanksgiving week 2016. 7th-anniv-her-helmet-thursdays-a-bikemontereydotorg-project

* * *

Goals, Overview, History includes more media intros, plus

“Catch the Vision” for bike advocates outside Monterey County

* * *

Stories and Specialties

 specialty participants (e.g., sustainable seafood, wineries)
and stories about participating businesses and organizations
HER Helmet Thursdays participants are in many stories on bikemonterey.org. Among these:

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How to PARTICIPATE: Details for Businesses and Organizations Participant poster - For E and R spots

How to PARTICIPATE: For People Who Bike, and Others

PARTICIPATE by sharing Posters, Mini-Fliers, Logos, Web Links, and Morescreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-51-58-pm

Contribute or volunteer

The HER Helmet Thursdays project, launched November 2009, continues to be  provided as a public service. As of March 2017, there is still no fee charged to participating businesses and organizations, and still no fee charged to people who bike.

Please consider making a financial contribution or volunteering your time to help maintain and expand this project.Thank-u-gram bike courier

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