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Discounts on Thursdays for males and females who bike!

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What’s up with the bike helmet buzz? 2-minute intro, KUSP, 14 April 2010

H-E-R is an acronym for Hotels, Educational and Entertainment spots, and Restaurants.  Related places, such as wineries, participate too. HER also refers to Mother Earth, who benefits from more people biking!

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The HER Helmet Thursdays project, launched November 2009, continues to be  provided as a public service. There is no fee charged to participating businesses and organizations, nor to people who bike.

Help maintain and expand this project.  Please consider making a financial contribution.  To volunteer time, contact Mari.

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Purpose and History:

How did the project get started?

Wheel the Earth,” the Monterey County Weekly, 22 April 2010

More history

2-minute video Project Economy:  Bicycling Monterey,” from KSBW, 10 January 2010

Read additional media reports in Goals, Overview, History.

Below are the earliest Bicycling Monterey posts about the project.

  1. Introducing HER Helmet Thursdays:  An Ecology-Economy Partnership
  2. HER Helmet Thursdays, Part II – Early FAQs
  3. Partner Up with HER Helmet Thursdays Ecology-Economy Leaders
Charter Participants:  Special thanks to the early leaders

Charter Participants are visionaries who led the way in building a more bike-friendly county.

Learn more about HER Helmet Thursdays participants
Invite your favorite spot

For People Who Bike includes how to invite new businesses and organizations.
For Anyone offers more ways to support this long-term ecology-economy sustainability project, even if you’re not a bicyclist yourself.


Contact Mari.