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To sign up by phone, or if you have questions,

contact Mari.
“Is there a fee to sign up?”

There is still no fee. However, beginning with the start of Bicycling Monterey’s 8th year, you are encouraged (not required), to provide a gift certificate or gift card to your establishment in appreciation for the many hours required to create, coordinate, and promote this project. The gift certificate/card will be used as an optional reward for Bicycling Monterey contributors or so Bicycling Monterey or one of its volunteers may experience your establishment. Simply send your card or certificate via postal mail.

What to do after signing up

  1. Print and complete the staff reference sheet for your in-house use.
  2. Skim over the FAQs.
  3. Promote your participation, as your time and resources allow.

About promoting your participation: Contact Mari anytime with your questions about HER Helmet Thursdays, to ensure accurate messaging. Windows signs and fliers are available; for the most current editions, ask Mari. You may also use a variety of other promotion methods, including logos on menus, window signs, website links, website pages or blog posts, online social media, concierge binders, and more. HER Helmet Thursdays has been promoted on marquees, by presentations to civic clubs, in radio and TV feature stories, and more. In all cases, contact Mari to ensure accurate messaging, or if you need help. Some FAQs are addressed in Participate: For Businesses and Organizations; again, for the most current info, ask Mari.

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Sign up for HER Helmet Thursdays

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After submitting the form, you’ll see “Thank you for signing up.” If you don’t receive further acknowledgement within a few days (i.e., a personal welcome email or phone call), please email: herhelmetthursdays AT gmail DOT com
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