Business/Organization STAFF REFERENCE SHEET for HER Helmet Thursdays

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The info below is for businesses and organizations who have signed up for the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

Staff Reference Sheet

Please complete the four steps below, so your staff will be ready to give people who bike a warm welcome.
1. Download PDF of the Staff Reference Sheet by clicking the link below:
  2018 Staff Reference – HER Helmet Thursdays

2017-Staff-Reference – HER Helmet Thursdays
2.  Print a copy.
3.  Fill in areas highlighted in yellow. Need to refer to your listing? click here, then look up your listing in the Quick Reference Guide. Or phone Bicycling Monterey.

a. All establishments: Fill in your percentage discount and, if you serve alcohol, your include/exclude alcohol policy.

b. All except lodging providers: Check the box indicating your preference about helmet/pump. (This is simply for your staff’s reference. You do not need to tell Bicycling Monterey this preference, unless you would like it noted in your listing; if you’d like that, phone Bicycling Monterey.)

c. All establishments: Check the boxes indicating your preferences about date restrictions. (This is simply for your staff’s reference. You do not need to tell Bicycling Monterey these preferences.)

4.  Post the filled-in Staff Reference Sheet on your employee bulletin board and/ or make a copy for each staff member.
If you need a Spanish version,
please phone Bicycling Monterey.

Also, if yours is one of the very rare places (e.g., the annual Carmel Bach Festival) that need a customized version, please phone Bicycling Monterey.

Thanks for participating!