Business/Organization STAFF REFERENCE SHEET for HER Helmet Thursdays

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Staff Reference Sheet

1. Download the Staff Reference Sheet by clicking the following link: STAFF REFERENCE with 2015 date restrix – HER Helmet Thursdays

2.  Print a copy.

3.  Fill in areas highlighted in yellow. If you can’t remember your percentage discount or—for those of you who serve alcohol— your include/exclude alcohol policy, no worries. Find that info in your listing; click here, then look up your listing in the Quick Reference Guide.

  • All: Fill in your percentage discount and, if you serve alcohol, your include/exclude alcohol policy.
  • All except lodging providers: Check the box indicating your preference about helmet/pump.
  • All: Check the boxes indicating your preference about date restrictions.

NOTE: This is for in-house use, for your staff to refer to. There’s no need to provide the helmet/pump and date restrictions info to Mari, unless you want it added to your detailed listing.

4.  Post the filled-in Staff Reference Sheet on your employee bulletin board and/ or make a copy for each staff member.

5.  If you need a Spanish version, please contact Mari (831-375-6278).

6. If yours is one of the very rare places that need a customized version, such as that provided for Carmel Bach Festival (HER Helmet Thursdays staff reference sheet for Carmel Bach), please contact Mari.

Thanks for participating!