Goals, Overview, History of the HER Helmet Thursdays Project

To build a more bike-friendly county while helping to  sustain the environment and economy…

HER Helmet Thursdays businesses and organizations give discounts on Thursdays year-round to males and females who bike. The project reached its 5th Anniversary Thanksgiving week 2009.

Questions? Refer to Quick Links to HER Helmet Thursdays or contact Mari Lynch. Eager to know the hundreds of Monterey County spots giving discounts?  Click for listings and FAQs.  

Monterey County businesses and organizations are welcome to sign up online. HER Helmet Thursdays is appropriate for other geographic locations too. Scroll down to Catch the Vision.

Goals and Overview


HER Helmet Thursdays?  Sounds like a bike safety thing for females.
No, here’s what’s up:

HER Helmet Thursdays raises awareness that this county is a great place to bike–and helps make it an even more bike-friendly place!

HER refers to Mother Earth,  who benefits from more people bicycling. And…
HER is also an acronym referring to participating H-E-R businesses and organizations. All offer discounts, between 10 and 50 percent, on Thursdays year-round to males and females who bike.
In Monterey County, H-E-R spots include the following.
  • H=Hotels, and other lodging (for example, bed-and-breakfasts, country inns, hostels
  • E=Entertainment venues and Educational attractions (including museums, concert venues, whale-watching, and some you might not think of–e.g., spas)
  • R=Restaurants, and related places (such as, wineries, coffee houses, bakeries, delis, and any place where there is sit-down food or beverage service)

Why the helmet?

In California, helmets are required by law for bicyclists under age 18.  Being a common biking accessory for youth, the helmet was chosen as the evidence of bicycling.  No need for a coupon or card!

  • At the E and R places, just bike or bike-and-ride there, then walk in with your helmet in hand.
  • At the H places, it is not required that you bike or bike-and-ride to the location.  Instead, just BYOB/bring your own bicycle, or rent a bicycle anywhere in the county. Click here for details.

For frequently asked questions/FAQs, see the listings page.

History:  Media Introductions

As a public service, the HER Helmet Thursdays project was created and launched in Monterey County in 2009 by Mari Lynch and Fine Wordworking.

Below are some introductions from local media.

The Monterey County Weekly noted the project’s third anniversary (“The Weekly Tally” Nov 21-28, 2012), with the fourth anniversary celebrated by ten bike shops.

Live outside Monterey County?

Catch the Vision! 

Want discounts for cyclists where you live, work, or play? HER Helmet Thursdays can be adopted in other geographic locations.
  • If you would like to set up a project in your area, please contact Mari Lynch to schedule a consultation or for more details. This initiative was created and launched in Monterey County in 2009 as a public service.
  • Please respect trademark and copyright.
  • The League of American Bicyclists provides breakdowns by Congressional districts of how bicycling benefits the American economy. For the 20th District, which includes Monterey County, California, click here. For other states and districts, click here.

There are a variety of bicycling incentive programs around the United States; here are three that specifically offer discounts when people bike:

Click here to download PDF: “Discounts when people bike – US sampling”

Help your own county to get more people, of all ages and ability levels, biking as a transportation option.  Motivate them by starting a HER Helmet Thursdays project where you live!

Learn more about HER Helmet Thursdays

Below this website’s banner, click on the H-E-R Helmet Thurs Info” section tab for quick links to the most pertinent info, including date restrictions.

Above this website’s banner, click on “H-E-R Helmet Thurs Stories” if you’d like to read about some of the individual businesses and organizations participating.

Want to see HER Helmet Thursdays grow?

See “Acknowledgements–and How You Can Help,” or contact Mari Lynch (831.375.6278).

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