How to participate

Pictured in photo above:  Matt and Linda Greenlaw, Salinas cycling regulars, at the National Steinbeck Center.

Whether or not you bike—or have an “H-E-R” type business or organization—

you can support this ecology-economy sustainability project.
If you wonder, “How can I help?”
Check these ideas for individuals, civic groups, business associations,
non H-E-R businesses and organizations, travel clubs, and others.


  1. Make an extra effort to support the HER Helmet Thursdays participants–the businesses and organizations who are building a more bike-friendly county.  Even if you never bike yourself (so can’t get a discount on Thursdays), show your appreciation by supporting them any day of the week. (And if you might like to bike, consider using a bike-and-ride option–bike only part-way, as your stamina and schedule permit.)
  2. Pass out mini-fliers or put a poster in a display window or local information binder. If you don’t find what you’d like to use on the “Posters, Widgets, and Other Project Resources” page, contact me for custom materials.
  3. Share news of HER Helmet Thursdays at special events, annual celebrations, classes or slide shows;  via newsletters, radio shows, media local blog rolls, school blogs; on club calendars or special event calendars; via municipal websites, event websites and online social networking (i.e., Facebook) groups, and the like.  Share it with economic groups and gatherings, with environmental sustainability groups, civic and faith-based groups, and other organizations.
  4. Tell others who are seeking a new volunteer project about this ecology-economy partnership. HER Helmet Thursdays is best built on existing relationships in the community as it also develops new partnerships.  And it’s intended to expand steadily and continue long into the future. Neighborhood business associations,  college students meeting community service hours, scouts working toward eagle rank, faith-based groups, and civic groups may want to be a part of helping this countywide program grow.

Please contact me regarding other ideas.

Getting the word out at the Seaside PAL Bike Fair