PARTICIPATE: For Cyclists (plus How to Invite Biz/Orgs)

How to participate–for people who bike

(plus “How to invite businesses and organizations”)

  1. Support HER Helmet Thursdays participants any day of the week.   Support them on Thursdays to get a discount! Here are their listings, along with some FAQs.
  2. Share the news with friends, business associations, civic groups, travel agents, and others.
  3. Invite your favorite businesses and organizations to participate!  First, check the listings to see if they are already in, then contact Mari to see if they may be in the midst of joining.

How to invite new participants

  1. Read “How to participate–for businesses and organizations.”
  2. Also read the key posts to ensure an accurate understanding of HER Helmet Thursdays.
  3. Phone Mari, 831/375-6278 with any questions and for tips on inviting new participants.
  4. Note that there are three options for sign-ups:
  • Option #1:  Businesses and organizations may sign up online.
  • Option #2:  They may sign up by phoning Mari, 831/375-6278.
  • Option #3:  You may print out the online sign-up form and use it to write down their sign-up info, then provide it to Mari on their behalf.   Before announcing their participation, Mari will confirm with them by phone.

Even if one of your favorite  businesses or organizations  doesn’t choose to participate at this time, most will appreciate your caring to share an idea that can help them, especially during tough economic times. 

Keep supporting them, regardless of their participation status.   And because this is a long-term ecology-economy partnership project, with no scheduled end-date, they are welcome to reconsider in the future.

Why help?

The December 20009 post about the very first charter participants in HER Helmet Thursdays noted:

Based on one individual so quickly finding 21+ enthusiastic participants, and there being 408,238 other people living in the county….  Well, when even a tiny portion of those start inviting their favorites to participate, you can see there will be a long list of reasons to get bicycling on Thursdays around here.  And when people who haven’t cycled much for a while realize how much they enjoy it on Thursdays, they’ll soon be doing it on other days too.

Can you see how these charter participants, and those who follow, can have such a positive impact in Monterey County?

Read the Goals, Overview, and History of the HER Helmet Thursdays Project to learn more.


Photo above:  Monterey resident Laurel Thomsen has biked to Cafe La Strada, a HER Helmet Thursdays participant.