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International, National, State, and Regional Collaborations: Bicycling Monterey teams up with others on bike advocacy efforts

Most people realize that Bicycling Monterey provides inspiration and resources for people who bike anywhere.
Many are unaware that Bicycling Monterey also collaborates with others on many regional, state, national, and international bike education and advocacy efforts. Below are a few examples.


People who bike in other nations visit this website too, in addition to the many international visitors to Monterey County who appreciate Bicycling Monterey (e.g., visitors from Australia, China, France, Germany, Holland, and Italy). Among resources used outside the U.S. are the Spanish resources compilation— Bicycling Monterey was one of four invited presenters for an international webinar on multilingual and multicultural biking resources.
Bicycling is part of the mix in addressing climate changes that affect people everywhere, and Bicycling Monterey emphasizes those and other environmental benefits of biking. Bicycling Monterey is among People’s Climate Movement partners. (See steering committee and other partners for a full list of collaborators, including, Bicycling Monterey, Natural Resources Defense Council, Union of Concerned Scientists, and hundreds of others.)


Bicycling Monterey collaborates with others nationwide to share in education and advocacy efforts, including participating in Safe Routes to School and other webinars, mutual aid calls, Tweet-ups, and more. Bicycling Monterey’s founder was selected by the Alliance for Biking and Walking as a national finalist for the Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award in 2014. At the request of the League of American Bicyclists, Bicycling Monterey is featured on the League site.


Bicycling Monterey is among local allies of the California Bicycle Coalition, which celebrates this work (click here, then scroll to “People – Excellence Award”). Bicycling Monterey helps get the word out about issues affecting people who bike anywhere in California, from bicycling-related legislation to the California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan to tips on using trains, buses, and other bike-and-ride options, and more.


As of the start of Bicycling Monterey’s 9th year, there is not yet an official bicycling coalition or alliance for Monterey County, or for the Monterey Bay Tri-County Region (San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties). Bicycling Monterey helps fill in that gap, including by highlighting San Benito and Santa Cruz County maps and resources in the bicycle maps sections and elsewhere on this site (e.g., see categories), and by compiling a 33-section directory of Monterey County bike community leaders.

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