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KSBW: Project Economy – Bicycling Monterey’s HER Helmet Thursdays Project, a KSBW Top Story

Ravi Kapur,  reporting for KSBW, Action News 8, picked up the HER Helmet Thursdays vibe in January 2010. His story,  “Discounts Encourage Bicycling in Monterey County:  Program Helps Businesses, Consumers While Preserving Environment,” was a Project Economy feature and one of the Action News 8 Top Stories of the day.

Businesses featured in KSBW’s story

Ravi’s story highlighted two HER Helmet Thursdays charter participants:

And to hear how the project helps boost the economy by increasing business at the bicycle shops,  Kapur interviewed Juan Silva of Sports Center Bicycles, Seaside. [Update: The HER Helmet Thursdays project’s fourth anniversary was celebrated with prizes from 10 local bike shops.]

Carmel Belle logo (wh#C6826

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 Please support these businesses, and let them know you appreciate their support of cycling in Monterey County!

You’ve got KSBW’s story, now where’s the info it referred to?

Ravi was definitely on to something, because the station’s website indicated that his story was also their most popular video of the day.

Ravi Kupar's story about HER Helmet Thursdays/Bicycling Monterey

Ravi inquired whether the project would be appropriate for other states too. Sure.

That resulted in the KSBW anchor leading Ravi’s story with “a program the creator hopes will spread nationally,” as you’ll hear if you watch the full video on Youtube. That wasn’t the goal, even though the anchor found it a good story lead. The goal was simply to encourage more biking in Monterey County, and to help build a reputation for our county as one of the most bike-friendly places in America.

Nonetheless, because of HER Helmet Thursdays, Monterey County is a national leader with regard to discounts for people who bike. If you live in another area and would like to start a project too, see “Catch the Vision” on the Goals page:

Questions? Contact Mari.

Thanks to Ravi Kapur for his excellent story.

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