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Mamas and Babies at the Sea Otter Classic

Mother Earth benefits from more people bicycling!  And mothers throughout the earth–including these celebrating cycling at the Sea Otter Classic–know that more bicycling makes them healthier moms, and creates a healthier future for their children.

Below are some moms and kids enjoying the 2011 Sea Otter Classic. Join them! Mark your calendars for the next dates; refer to

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You bet! We’ll head to the Kids Bike Play Zone next–right after your little brother finishes his lunch.
Ready to rock and roll….
Happily occupied by her mama
before the “Women by Design” panel, a 2011 activity, begins.
And fast asleep by the time it ended!

This patient toddler slept through the wine and chocolate reception.  Mama was encouraged to pack up a serving of the luscious fresh berries served so she could share them with her little one when she woke up!
Mom, do you think Sissy is really old enough for the Sea Otter Egg Hunt?
Tired but happy:  end of the four-day festival!

The above photos were taken on Sunday, April 17, 2011.  Thank you to these mothers and others who graciously agreed to be photographed.

Also see “Generations of Cycling” for another mom and tyke on bikes.



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