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Luciano Rodriguez, a Monterey County bike community leader

Luciano Rodriguez - May 2015 - Photo by Richard Lake

Above photo of Luciano Rodriguez, May 2015, courtesy of Richard Lake.

Luciano Rodriguez is an individual whose qualities of character include genuine humility–a characteristic often missing in leaders in this Digital Age.  Many people were likely unaware of his quiet leadership until Roberto Robledo, senior writer for the Californian, made Luciano’s stature clear: “On the Salinas bicycling scene, he’s a big wheel“!  The story appeared on page 1 of the Californian‘s 10/28/14 print edition, as well as the 11/1/14 edition of El Sol: “Excelencia en el ámbito del ciclismo de Salinas.”

As mentioned in Roberto’s story, Luciano, a recipient of a Monterey County Office of Education Light the Fire Within award, has been a volunteer instructor of the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center bike class since July 2012. In August 2014, Luciano accepted the additional volunteer roles of class provider and class coordinator of Youth Center bike class.  Click here to learn more, and to see how you can join Luciano in this work with local boys ages 14-17.

Luciano is also a mentor for youth, and others, in breaking down stereotypes about bicycling for transportation.  Click here for his letter to the Californian‘s “We Could Car Less” column, 10/5/14.

Congratulations and thank you to Luciano Rodriguez for mentoring youth and otherwise serving as a bicycling advocacy leader in Monterey County.

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Below, learn more about Luciano, including via  an audio from KUSP.

Spring 2012

What’s up with the fixie rider?

That’s Luciano Rodriguez, one of Monterey County’s most eclectic cyclists.

His passion for biking and heart for youth resulted in a prestigious award. KUSP, Central Coast Public Radio‘s “First Person Singular” told the story during “Morning Edition” and again during “All Things Considered” on 10/10/12.

Missed the broadcast?

Listen to the two-minute audio:

Thank you to producer Guy Lasnier of KUSP for providing this audiofile, “Luciano Rodriguez lights the fire within.”

More details about Luciano

Luciano Rodriguez, a Salinas native, came to love the challenge of athletics as a sophomore at North Salinas High School, first as a runner completing the Bay to Breakers. After NSHS, he completed the Big Sur Marathon too.  Upon graduation from NSHS, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving for five years before his honorable discharge in 2002.

A Marine Corps bonus burned a hole in the pockets of some, but for Luciano, it began a love affair with biking.  His bonus purchased a new Cannondale, and back in Salinas, he signed up to race in his first Sea Otter Classic. He has continued to race Sea Otter, doing so for ten years consecutively by the time he began volunteering as an instructor for the Youth Center class in 2012.  That year, Luciano was a  Category 1 Singlespeed Racer in SOC’s Mountain Bike Cross Country competition. [In 2013, his SOC races included Pro Singlespeed, Circuit, and Cyclocross.] Also in 2012, he took first as a solo rider in the 24 Hour Hammerstein at Mazda Raceway. His pleasure in mountain biking includes riding at times with Monterey Off Road Cycling Association too.

When Luciano began teaching the Youth Center class, he had been working for about five years as an instructional aide and assistant para professional at Rancho Cielo.  That got my attention, because before I learned in October 2011 about the need for a bike class at Monterey County Youth Center, I’d been thinking that bike tech education would make a great addition to Rancho Cielo’s curriculum.  In an initial conversation with an RC staff member, the response was gracious but reserved:  “Most of the kids aren’t in shape for biking, and it’s too hilly here.”  I postponed pursuing the idea.

It’s a good thing that statement wasn’t made to Luciano.  For in 2012, he blazed new trails at Rancho Cielo:  sweet single-track!  With the assistance of volunteers from the Salinas High School Cowboy Racing Mountain Bike Team, who brought rototillers to support Luciano’s initiative, he created a network of trails.  Those new trails were enjoyed by visitors too, for the first time, at Rancho Cielo’s 2nd Annual Family Play Day, September 2, 2012. (To see how the trails began, watch this Youtube about the Rancho Cielo trails from Luciano AKA Mr. Singlespeed.)

And not only are some of the Rancho Cielo students now biking there, it wasn’t long before the first had followed Luciano’s lead and was racing at Sea Otter too!

This North Salinas resident bike commutes to work at Rancho Cielo, and when we met in July 2012 to discuss the Monterey County Youth Center class, we set our meeting location for Del Rey Oaks.  Luciano biked over via Highway 68 on a very spiffy fixie.

Luciano brings to the Monterey County Youth Center bike class his enthusiasm and skills gained as a bike commuter, Sea Otter racer, endurance cyclist, MTB trail builder, fixie rider, and more.

Want to help Luc expand efforts at Rancho Cielo?

Luciano’s 24-hour bike-a-thon supported Rancho Cielo students in biking, and you can still help. How? Donate bike-related items, or funds to purchase those, to Rancho Cielo Youth Campus.  Tubes, tires, rims, and other items may be helpful; contact him to inquire about current needs.

Contact Luciano: 831/444-3509

Below, Luciano on May 20, 2015 at the Rancho Cielo bike shop, Cielo Cyclery.

Photo by MacGregor Eddy, “We Could Car Less” columnist for the Californian. Used by permission.

Luciano Rodriquez at Rancho Cielo - photo by MacGregor Eddy 20 May 2015


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Photo below by Jay Dunn / The Salinas Californian.

To purchase rights to the photo of Luciano Rodriguez that appeared on page 1 of The Californian–also visible in this screenshot– contact The Californian. Refer to Jay Dunn’s photo in Roberto M. Robledo’s story, “On Salinas bicycling scene, he’s a big wheel.” (Published 10/27/14 in The Californian online, 10/28/14 in the print edition, and 11/1/14 in The Californian’s El Sol).

Thanks to The Californian for highlighting this Monterey County bike community leader.

  Images below © The Salinas Californian.
Luciano Rodriguez - 10-28-14 Californian
  Images directly above and below both © The Salinas Californian.

Copyright Californian 10-28-14 front page - Luciano Rodriguez by Robledo and Dunn

Image above © The Salinas Californian.

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