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Nov 1 deadline: Monterey County businesses and organizations — Sign up to be in the 8th anniversary edition of the HER Helmet Thursdays guide

Outside Monterey County? Catch the vision.

The award-winning HER Helmet Thursdays Project was created and launched in Monterey County as a public service in November 2009 by Bicycling Monterey’s founder, volunteer Mari Lynch. People who bike access the most current HER Helmet Thursdays Quick Reference Guide on the “LISTINGS, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays” page.

The Quick Reference Guide will be updated

for the 8th anniversary of HER Helmet Thursdays.

To be included in the new guide, Monterey County businesses and organizations not yet in the project are invited to sign up online no later than November 1. There is still no fee to participate.
If you prefer, you may sign up by phoning.
Have questions? Not sure if your business or organization is appropriate for the project? Phone Mari anytime.
The primary participants are hotels and other lodging, educational and entertainment venues, restaurants and related places, including wineries. If you have a retail store or other Monterey County business or organization, phone first to see if it’s appropriate to sign up.
To watch a 2-minute audio or video intro, or a 6-minute video showing a sampling of participants, click here.

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