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Pedal Pushers

Above, the daughter and mother of Bicycling Monterey’s founder, pictured in 1991 on the City of Monterey section of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail.

Bicycling Monterey’s 10th year began May 2018.

Pedal pushers are people who set up an automatic monthly contribution. See the first Pedal Pushebelow.

Even $10 a month is meaningful and appreciated. And of course, one-time contributions are also welcome.

For payment options and FAQs, click here.

Bicycling Monterey is a local ally of the California Bicycle Coalition. To learn more about Bicycling Monterey, and for other ways to help, click here.
Thank you to all 2018 financial contributors to date:
  1. Lynn Hamilton
  2. Jacquelyn Woodward
  3. Chris Flescher
  4. Andrew Liu
  5. Edith Frederick  – Pedal Pusher
  6. Edith Frederick  – Pedal Pusher
  7. Patrick Michel
  8. Edith Frederick  – Pedal Pusher
  9. Chris Flescher
  10. Pebble Beach Company Foundation
  11. Edith Frederick  – Pedal Pusher
  12. Edith Frederick  – Pedal Pusher
  13. L. Robin Brody
  14. Edith Frederick  – Pedal Pusher
  15. Kim Neill
For all financial contributions 2009-2018, click here.
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