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This site provides inspiration and resources for bicycling anywhere. It also serves as an Information Hub for bicycling Monterey County. Its content includes over 600 original posts and pages, including thousands of original photos.

Where to begin? One option: the 8 resource pages listed directly below. Or the bulleted list below highlighting other popular Bicycling Monterey content.

  1. Bicycling Monterey compiled a 33-section directory of Monterey County Bicycling Resources / Bike Community Leaders.
  2. Bicycling Advocacy: What you can do offers ways to be a positive changemaker on the national, state, and local level, helping to impact bicycle infrastructure, legislation, and other issues that affect people who bike. Scroll it to be inspired by a gallery of photos featuring visitors and residents who bike in Monterey County.
  3. información en español sobre las bicicletas, created in 2010, was the first compilation of Spanish-language biking resources of its kind in the USA. Why invest time in researching and compiling those resources? Besides benefiting people in other places, to benefit Monterey County residents. From the U.S. Census report on Monterey County: “Language other than English spoken at home, percent of persons age 5 years+, 2011-2015: 53.6%,” and that’s mostly Spanish.
  4. Other Languages and related resources includes a sampling of biking info in a variety of languages, and a bit more en español. Also featured is info on Monterey County’s love for languages, and a Guess-Their-Country Game, which highlights people from various nations biking in the county, along with additional language resources on this site.
  5. An intro to bike-and-ride options, the portal to this site’s detailed bike-and-ride section. Why? Because bicycling needn’t be all or nothing. Any mile of biking beats a mile of driving. When stamina, schedule, infrastructure, or other factors aren’t conducive to biking all the way to your destination, consider bike-and-ride.
  6. Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County features local biking and bike-related activities, events, and meetings open to the public, including auto-feeds from local road and mountain bike clubs. To submit a calendar listing, click here.
  7. Portal page to Posters, fliers, logos, and more, including California bike law summaries and Monterey County tips, including HER Helmet Thursdays and more.
  8. Monterey County’s Open Streets features Ciclovía Salinas resources and history, along with a heads-up about other Open Streets locations in Monterey County.

Other popular Bicycling Monterey content

Bicycling Monterey, a local ally of the California Bicycle Coalition, was founded in 2009 as a public service. In addition to this website, the Bicycling Monterey work includes many bike advocacy projects.

Bicycling Monterey was founded by a volunteer who has donated well over 10,000 hours of time since May 2009. Click donate button below to contribute to this work via PayPal. Or, to contribute via check or crowdfunding, and for FAQs, click here.

Accessible via and other URLs, e.g.,,, the Bicycling Monterey site has been provided as a public service for personal use, no paywall. From the Monterey County Weekly’s first special bike issue, May 12-18, 2011: “What started as Dehmler’s [Mari Lynch Dehmler’s] personal blog two years ago quickly evolved into an umbrella website for all things two-wheeled in Monterey County.” To learn more about the Bicycling Monterey site and other Bicycling Monterey projects; see About.

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