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Resources / Los Recursos

  1. Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County, including biking and bike-related activities and events open to the public. And to submit a calendar listing, click here.
  2. Monterey County Bicycling Main Resources / Bike Community Leaders. This 32-section indexed web page was previously referred to as “Monterey County Bicycling Resources: Bike Shops, Services, Clubs, Events, Infrastructure, and More.” It includes contacts for everything from emergency ride home to where to report a pothole in the road.
  3. Bicycle advocacy:  What you can do.  Tells ways to help improve bicycle infrastructure, and other ways to plug in as a bike advocate.
  4. en español información en español sobre las bicicletas.
  5. Other Languages – Bike glossaries and some miscellaneous biking info in Chinese, French, Italian, and many other languages, including a few resources in Spanish not on the en español page. Also includes links to bike parts illustrations.
  6. A quick summary of bike-and-ride options, to remind folks that “Any mile of  biking beats a mile of driving,” and that bicycling doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Also links to the detailed Bike-and-Ride section of this site.
  7. A peek at just a few of the posters, fliers, CA bike law summaries, web links, and other project resources that are now linked on a single webpage (click here for that).
  8. Resources regarding Ciclovia Salinas/Monterey County’s first Open Streets.

Also refer to the Tips for Tourists/Locals section, which includes a 20-section resource guide, Tips for Bicycling Monterey County. The guide includes info useful to people who bike outside the county too, such as the Riding Skills, Safety, and California Bike Laws section.

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The Bicycling Monterey website and projects were established May 2009 as a public service.  Contributions and volunteers are welcome and appreciated.