BIKE-AND-RIDE Options: Transportation for You and Your Bike

“Sure, these big guys got us here, but now we’re gonna leave them parked.  We came here to bike!”

It’s easy to overlook the many occasions when bike-and-ride transportation is a great choice! 

Read some of those reasons, and get lots of details about who will transport people and their bikes in Monterey County.  “Click here for the “Bike-and-Ride” section of the 20-section Tips for  Bicycling Monterey County guide. You’ll find info about using…
  1. A bike rack for your car (quickly removable type or more permanently installed)
  2. Monterey-Salinas Transit system (MST) – “The Bus” (including multiple out-of-county transit connections) – Jump here for some popular MST tips.
  3. Train (train, and train-bus combo system)
  4. Taxicabs
  5. Hotel shuttles
  6. Airport shuttle
  7. Corporate aviation
  8. Rental cars

If you don’t have a bicycle, refer to “Local Bike Shops” or “Bicycle Rentals.”

If you have a bike but it needs some work, see “Bicycle Repairs and Maintenance.”

A Monterey County resident at the MST transit plaza in downtown Monterey.

Monterey-Salinas Transit is a popular bike-and-ride option. For details, see the MST info in Bicycling Monterey’s bike-and-ride section, or start with popular MST tips.