Ciclovia Salinas – Contact Info and Resources

 ¡Evento gratis! Ciclovía Salinas is a free event and is for all ages and abilities.
Next date: Saturday, 1 November 2014 , beginning at 10 a.m. RAIN or shine!
This page features:
  • Contact Info, including Ciclovia Salinas on the web
  • Resources, including–in English y en español–our Open Streets etiquette, posters, and intros
  • Summary: who, what, when, where…and special details about Nov 1
  • Volunteer opportunities: how it happens
  • Photo galleries from the previous date, and other history
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Contact Info

  • Phone: c/o Andrea Manzo at Building Healthy Communities, 831-717-1384
  • Postal mail: c/o Andrea Manzo, Building Healthy Communities, 606 Williams Road, Salinas, CA 93905

Ciclovía Salinas on the web

Ciclovia Bilingual Poster - for 1 Nov 2014

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Etiquette: Get familiar, and share with friends

(Click links to download PDFs, then print and share.)

Posters and Intros: Invite others, with links, posters, or mini-fliers:
  1. Link to See Monterey blog post – invite out-of-town friends:
  2. Link to an intro en español:
  3. Poster – in English y en español: Ciclovia Salinas Bilingual Poster – for Nov 1 2014(Download PDF. You may also grab a jpg image of the poster above.)
  4. Mini-fliers: Ciclovia Salinas- 1 Nov 2014 – 4-to-a-page mini-fliers
Biking over to Ciclovía Salinas?

Be a good ambassador for the bike community by biking polite and observing traffic laws. Here are the bike law summaries referred to in those Ciclovía Salinas etiquette documents:


Who, what, when, where…

See “Nov 1: Ciclovía Salinas, Monterey County’s Open Streets, returns”  for Info Booth locations (get your raffle prize passports there) and a 48-second video intro by J. V. Guajardo, and any last-minute details about Nov 1.
  1. Who started it? Ciclovía Salinas was launched by a youth committee of Building Healthy Communities-East Salinas. A diverse coalition of supporters, including  City of Salinas officials, jumped in to support these local youth in creating this very special experience for residents and visitors.
  2. What is it? People of all ages and abilities enjoy the fun and freedom of a stretch of public streets with no motor vehicle traffic. Ciclovía Salinas temporarily closes these streets so people can walk, bike, skate, run, roll in wheelchairs, and engage in other active/people-powered transportation and physically active play and socializing. Arts, music, and other fun activities along the route add to the mix of this lively event.
  3. When? The date and specific hours? On November 1, 2014, Ciclovía Salinas will begin at 10 a.m. On this particular date, activities for the public will wind down at 1:30 p.m. in East Salinas and will end at 2:00 p.m. downtown.
  4. Where? The route for the second Ciclovía Salinas (November 1, 2014) will again be along 1.6 miles of Alisal Street, between Sanborn Road in East Salinas/the Alisal and Salinas Street in the downtown area/Oldtown Salinas vicinity.
  5. Huh? Active transportation? Yes, Ciclovía Salinas makes it easy to enjoy the experience of active or people-powered transportation. That resulted in Ciclovía Salinas being honored with a Transportation Excellence Award from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County.  
  6. TAMC Transportation Excellence Award 2013 to Ciclovia SalinasPart of a worldwide movement:The first Ciclovía or Open Streets originated in Bogotá, Colombia. Ciclovía Salinas is recognized by the Open Streets Project,  which shares info about Open Streets initiatives occurring across the U.S. and Canada. Ciclovía Salinas is:

  • The 1st Open Streets location in Monterey County
  • One of the 1st dozen such locations in California
  • One of the 1st one hundred in all of North America
Below are links to photo galleries and details about the inaugural Ciclovía Salinas.

Like what you see? You may wish to consider volunteering too.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed and appreciated.  There are a wide variety of volunteer tasks. Below are just a few examples. To offer your help, contact Natalie Oliver, youth and volunteer coordinator via email:

  • Spread the news about Ciclovía Salinas! Share online what Ciclovía Salinas posts on Twitter and Facebook, distribute posters, write letters to the editor, or contact Natalie for more ideas.
  • Help businesses along the route to prepare for an optimal day.
  • Be a barricade volunteer (must be age 18 or older).
  • Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and business associates to attend.
  • Help with set-up and tear-down.
  • Sign up to provide live entertainment along the route.


About the inaugural Ciclovía Salinas

Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau / See Monterey blog,

Guest Blog: Ciclovía Salinas, Monterey County’s Open Streets – October 6, 2013 Short link:

Galleries of photos taken at the inaugural Ciclovia Salinas…
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