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french-visitors-bikemontereydotorg-photoBelow is a sampling of bike resources in a variety of languages.

Looking for Spanish-language bike resources? There are some on this page. And since Spanish is widely spoken in Monterey County, we created in 2010 a large compilation of Spanish language bicycling resources; see información en español sobre las bicicletas.

First, a brief intro about love of languages in Monterey County:

People biking in Monterey County often speak a language other than English. That includes visitors, such as these from France, Germany, Holland, and Italy. It includes Monterey County residents like this native of China, the many residents who speak Spanish, and those who speak indigenous and other languages. The U.S. Census report on Monterey County states: “Language other than English spoken at home, percent of persons age 5 years+, 2010-2014: 52.8%.”doris-chen-photo-by-bikemontereydotorg

Bicycle part illustrations

To make best use of bike parts dictionaries, it helps most people to have bicycle part illustrations, such as these.  (Look for more; they range from beginners’ level to those with definitions and more.)

Bicycle part dictionaries/glossaries – in various languages, including Spanish
  1. ProMechanics.comBike parts in French, German, and Spanish. Italian forthcoming.
  2. SheldonBrown.com –  Le Vélo-Dictionnaire Français/Anglais and English/French Bicycle Dictionary; and alsoespañol-ingles / English-Spanish Bicycle Dictionary
  3. Safe Cyclist Teacher Master Pages from Bike Texas include a range of resources in Spanish and English, including Bicycle Parts.
Miscellaneous resources – in various languages, including Spanish
  1. Toronto Cyclists Union (bikeunion.to) makes the 16-page Toronto Cyclists Handbook available in 17 different languages, including Spanish. All can be accessed from this webpage:  http://bikeunion.to/handbook/english
  2. SheldonBrown.com – Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Articles in French, German, Russian, and Spanish
  3. City of San Jose Street Smarts has a Bicycle Safety Tips Flyer (PDF / 24 KB) in ENGLISH | SPANISH | VIETNAMESE
  4. Portland Bureau of Transportation, Oregon has Bike/Walk Maps in Somali, Nepali, Russian, Burmese & ArabicPrintable Version.  Portland also has Spanish bike/walk maps for various parts of the city.
  5.  Bike helmet materials in French and Spanish.
  6. Rochester Cycling Alliance resources in…
    English                NepaliSpanish               SomaliArabic                 BurmeseChinese Mandarin
  7. How to Not Get Hit by Cars:  important lessons in Bicycle Safety
    by Michael Bluejay





    Translations created independently by people who saw Michael’s site and liked it.

Additional resources

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has offered an urban cycling class in Chinese: How to Ride Anywhere in SF: In Chinese ()

SFBC also provides Chinese and Spanish translations of their Rules of the Road summary:

Safe Routes to School – various languages

Bike to school with grandfather

Click here for National Safe Routes to School language resource section:

  • Arabic (PDF, 123 KB) — Provided by The Multilingual & Multicultural Center for Portland Public Schools, Maine Safe Routes to School Program and MaineDOT.
  • Chinese (PDF, 187 KB) — Provided by San Francisco Department of Public Health and Cecelia Wong.
  • Haitian Creole (PDF, 39 KB) — Provided by WalkSafeTM Program (Miami, Fla.)
  • Somali (PDF, 56 KB) — Provided by The Multilingual & Multicultural Center for Portland Public Schools, Maine Safe Routes to School Program and MaineDOT.
  • Russian (PDF, 108 KB) — Provide by the California Department of Public Health.

Safe Routes to School info in Spanish:   Click here to go to the “en español” page of the Bicycling Monterey website, where you’ll find Safe Routes info en espanol.

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What about computer-generated translation sites?

While far from being a perfect solution, you may sometimes find it helpful to use sites such as Translate.Google.com to translate material from this site.  Translate.Google.com offers many different languages.  Once there, type in this website address:  BicyclingMonterey.com – or  BikeMonterey.org or marilynch.com/blog

Sites that offer three or more various computer-generated translations for comparison are helpful.  See, for example, “computer-generated translation” was translated as “traduccion generados por computadora,” “generada por ordenador de traduccion,”and as “traduccion por computadora.”

Emliano and Katarina - Italian honeymooners in Monterey