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“Social benefits of cycling” — for people who bike, and for everyone

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Tip of the helmet to Sean Roney, a South Monterey County resident and California State University Monterey Bay student, for this spot-on video message! Scroll below video to learn more.

“I think I’ll be another smiling person!”

“On a bike, it’s easy to spread goodwill. Everyone you interact with can hear you, see you. That’s good for society! When everyone is friendly with each other, able to actually exchange hellos, morale of all of society goes up.”

Sean is a freelance journalist (e.g., for Greenfield News), with aspirations to become a middle school teacher. Bet he’ll be an educator much like Ron Dillender and others who help support more kids biking to school, along with advocating for more Safe Routes to School too.
For more benefits of bicycling, see Bicycling Monterey’s section.
About online tools used in Bike Month and National Bike Challenge
On March 17, 2018, Sean became a new user of Strava. Many people are not online for economic or other reasons. For those who are, some enjoy tools like Strava and participating in challenges such as the following:


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