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Tech issues: A temporary workaround to access this site’s posts and pages

November 17-18, 2017, tech glitches with this site’s web host meant most attempts to access this site resulted in an error message advertising the web host. Frustrating for you, and for me.

Before noon Nov 18, the web host had it fixed. If that happens again, try this temporary workaround. Whatever post or page you’re trying to access, for the root URL portion “,” substitute this root instead: “” That worked this time, even though it displayed the old banner for this site.

If you’d like to help make better web hosting possible for the Bicycling Monterey work (the site and projects are a 100% unpaid volunteer effort 2009-2017), please make a contribution.

Go to for how to contribute by PayPal, check, or crowdfunding.

Thank you. Questions, or want to volunteer? Contact me.


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