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Tips for Bicycling Monterey County

a 20-Section Guide for Tourists and Locals

including tips for biking anywhere

Short link to this guide is https://bit.ly/BikeMRY

Below, access the guide by clicking any section title.

Bicycling Monterey is a local ally of the California Bicycle Coalition and the recipient of a Transportation Excellence Award from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County.

This site and other Bicycling Monterey projects were founded by Monterey County resident, Mari LynchNow in its 9th year, Bicycling Monterey’s content is available to all, without paywall, for personal use. Individuals worldwide benefit from these resources, as do Monterey County tourists/visitors (an estimated 8.4 million annually) and locals (approximately 431,000 residents). For all other use, refer to the copyright information page.

Tips for Bicycling Monterey County

including tips for biking anywhere
This guide was first published in May 2009. Included in this guide are links to over 550 posts and pages of Bicycling Monterey’s original content, 2009-2017.
Contributions to help maintain and expand these resources are welcome and appreciated.
Overview of the Guide
1. Why Bike: The Many Benefits of Bicycling Santa Cruz family - 1-1-12 (8) cropped2. Once You Start: Bike Maps and Other Tools for Finding Your Way—in Monterey County and elsewhere in CaliforniaValet claim checks and bike maps
3. Bicycle Riding Skills, Bike Safety, and CA Bicycle Laws–for Children, Teens, and AdultsBiker - little guy in Seaside cropped
4. Where to Shower and Change in Monterey CountyBeebe at Mry Sports Ctr 2506Shower area - Coast Guard pier - 1-1-12 (4)
5. Bike-and-Ride Options: Bicycling Needn’t Be All or Nothing! (Inspiration and tips for anywhere, with a special focus on Monterey County tips)MST - Cini longview
6. Bicycle Security Tips for Anywhere— plus a unique list of Monterey County places to go where it’s easier to keep an eye on your bike
Surveillance - racks msctr - DSC00307Security - Golden Fish parking
7. Local Bike Shops in Monterey County–including Tips on New and Used Bike Purchases, relevant for anywhere.Aquarian - inside 115
8. Repairs and Maintenance for Bikes–and Bikeways–Including DIY tips for anywhereJoselyns shop pic - croppedThis woman with a flat and no needed innertube wasn't part of the Bike Week Intergenerational Ride, but that didn't stop Good Samaritan Robert Cepeda of SportsCenterBicycles.net of Seaside from stopping to help her--free of charge!
9. Bike Rentals in Monterey County–plus Self-Led and Guided Tours. Also included are guidelines about e-bikes and other non people-powered bikes.Australian visitors just rented bike on Cannery Row 22 Dec 2013Gilroy family 5-6-12
10. Where to Bike in Monterey CountyNo sweat; sharing the bike-pedestrian trail is easy here.Children biking Carmel - closeup - 017
11. Cycling to Monterey County’s History SpotsWarwicks and Friends at Custom House PlazaStevenson House - outside gate 076
12. Shopping by Bike (tips for anywhere, and a special focus on Monterey County)Elena wks at Cypress Nursery cropped (7)Basket shopping at Custom House Plaza
13. Bike Valet and Other Bicycle Parking–including Etiquette and Laws Nick - cheery valet and savvy cyclistNPS Bike Rack 002
14. Hotels, Entertainment, Educational Venues, Restaurants (a variety of places and tips, including about some HER Helmet Thursdays spots)Monterey Museum of Art - HER Helmet Thursdays                                                     Photo courtesy Monterey Museum of Art
15. More Bicycle Safety: High VisibilityPrecious Cargo Carrier - Dad and Friend 004Kaki Cheung of TAMC in Salinas 10 May 2011 - 014 (4)
16. What to Do in Salinas, the Monterey County Seat
17. Farmers MarketsBasket of produce on my bike 004Ragsdale-Cronins at MPC Mktg 006
18. Serious Cyclists: MTB, Road, BMX, Touring (Clubs, Group Rides, Camping, More)Touring German cyclists in Moss Landing (5)
19. Biking in the DarkHi vis tape on bike trailer on Alisal St, East Salinas Oct 6 2013Hi Vis Granite vest (6)
20. Bicycling and Ecotourism / Good Earthkeeping Right at HomeLizard's Lick Cleanup Monterey

Photo at the top of this guide: Irene and Jeff of Sonoma County found that biking to the Aquarium was a great way to skip traffic and parking concerns, while having much more fun.

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