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First published May 2009, the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County© 20-section guide includes tips for biking anywhere. Many of Bicycling Monterey’s 550+ posts and pages of original content from 2009 to 2017 are linked from the guide. See what people from all over say about the Bicycling Monterey website and projects.

The list below is provided for people who find it helpful to remember short links for accessing information that they use most often. It also provides a quick look at what’s in the guide.
Portal Tips for Bicycling Monterey County Short link:
Overview of the Guide Short link:
1. Why Bike: The Many Benefits of Bicycling Short link:
2. Once You Start: Bike Maps and Other Tools for Finding Your Way—in Monterey County and elsewhere in California Short link:
3. Bicycle Riding Skills, Bike Safety, and CA Bicycle Laws–for Children, Teens, and Adults Short link:
4. Where to Shower and Change in Monterey County Short link:
5. Bike-and-Ride Options: Bicycling Needn’t Be All or Nothing! (Inspiration and tips for anywhere, with a special focus on Monterey County tips) Short link:
6. Bicycle Security Tips for Anywhere— plus a unique list of Monterey County places to go where it’s easier to keep an eye on your bike Short link:
7. Local Bike Shops in Monterey County–plus Tips on New and Used Bike Purchases, relevant for anywhere Short link:
8. Repair and Maintenance for Bikes–and Bikeways–Including DIY tips for anywhere Short link:
9. Bike Rentals in Monterey County–plus Self-Led and Guided Tours. Also included are guidelines about e-bikes and other non people-powered bikes Short link:
10. Where to Bike in Monterey County Short link:
11. Cycling to Monterey County’s History Spots Short link:
12. Shopping by Bike (tips for anywhere, and a special focus on Monterey County) Short link:
13. Bike Valet and Other Bicycle Parking–including Etiquette and Laws Short link:
14. Hotels, Entertainment, Educational Venues, Restaurants (a variety of places and tips, including about some HER Helmet Thursdays spots) Short link:
15. More Bicycle Safety: High Visibility Short link:
16. What to Do in Salinas, the Monterey County Seat Short link:
17. Farmers Markets Short link:
18. Serious Cyclists: MTB, Road, BMX, Touring (Clubs, Group Rides, Camping, More) Short link:
19. Biking in the Dark Short link:
20. Bicycling and Ecotourism / Good Earthkeeping Right at Home Short link:
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