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Used Bikes for Sale: From professionals at local bike shops, and FoCMC


In Monterey County, there’s a great way to buy a quality bike on a limited budget:  Take advantage of the used bike sales offered by some of our local bike shops!


Adventures by the  Sea, Alvarado Mall location

This is ideal for college students and others watching their budget. It’s an affordable way to entice children away from video screens and get them hooked on biking. It allows you to start them out on a quality bike, so they won’t be frustrated, yet without breaking the family budget. And once they’ve gotten hooked on biking, you might decide to spring for a new bike later on.
And no excuses, parents and grandparents, you can pick up a good used bike for yourself, too, and ride with the kids!
Below are some leads on Monterey County bike shops that may have the used bike you are looking for. Note that some of these shops are bilingual too; click here for Bicycling Monterey’s most current summary of Monterey County’s bilingual bike shop professionals.
Among the reasons to consider purchasing used bicycles from local bike shops is the reputation of the seller. If you prefer to instead purchase from an individual, see tips from is “a free, open source bicycle registration database run by people who love their bikes – and hate bike thieves.” Okay, now on to…

Where to get used bikes at Monterey County locally owned bike shops

  1. Know those cool Breezers (pictured below) rented at Adventures by the Sea? People in the market for a quality used bike may want to stay in touch with Adventures about those. There’s a good chance that come autumn, such well maintained bikes will be sold to get ready for the next year’s new fleet.  That’s typical for bike rental businesses! The photo above was taken at Adventures location on Cannery Row on November 1, 2015.
  2. On a regular basis, Valley Bikes, 64 West Alisal Street, Salinas; 831/422-3453 sells used bikes, as well as new bikes. (As of Dec 2014, no website, but on Facebook.)
  3. Some local bike shops, like Sports Center Bicycles,  often have a couple used bikes for sale in addition to their large inventory of new bicycles.
  4. On January 1, 2016, a new business opened in Marina, Rooster Wheels & Coffee. Contact them and ask about their used bikes and other sales and services

Remember: Such used bikes are an especially sweet deal because you know you are buying a bike whose maintenance has been performed by professionals!

Also, in spring 2018, there is a limited supply of bikes and gear available for sale from Families of Color Monterey County which is ending after less than two years.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I am seeking a used bike

  2. marilynch says:

    I encourage anyone seeking a used bike to look first at the local bike shops that sell used bikes. See those mentioned in the post above, and there may be other local bike shops who have used bikes occasionally also, so it never hurts to ask them.

  3. I am looking for an inexpensive but high quality fixed gear bike

  4. marilynch says:

    Hi, Luke. You may want to start by contacting the local shops listed above, or in those in my section. Just fyi, Bicycling Monterey doesn’t sell bicycles or earn any sort of credit (e.g., there are no pay-per-click links on this site). Bicycling Monterey simply provides information about resources (e.g., local bicycle shops) as a public service.

    Since you like fixies, you may enjoy this post:

    Best wishes with your new ride!

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