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What people say about Bicycling Monterey


For the comments in this post plus additional comments, click here for Bicycling Monterey’s “What People Say” page.

This joyful mother and son from Australia, who Mari met while doing public outreach in downtown Monterey on July 9, 2016, appreciated her answering questions about biking in Monterey County, in neighboring Santa Cruz County, and more. They were also glad to learn that Bicycling Monterey’s bicycle maps section includes links to maps for other parts of California too, since they were also biking to Fort Bragg and other points north.

Those Aussies, like Australian Steve Matheson (see his comment below, #4 in “from visitors/tourists”), are among the many people who find the website and other Bicycling Monterey projects helpful.

From such comments, it’s clear that diverse people value this work—including local residents as well as visitors to Monterey County, and people in other parts of the world too.

Every month, thousands of people visit this website. If even a fraction of them make a one-time contribution of $5 or more, it will make a big difference in what will be possible for Bicycling Monterey’s 8th year, which began May 2016. Click here for how to make a contribution, along with FAQs.

Comments about the

Bicycling Monterey website and projects

Thanks to all of the following for communicating their appreciation for the Bicycling Monterey website and projects. Whether their words were offered through website comments, media reports,  words of praise posted on social media, or thank you notes sent by postal or email, their acknowledgement of this work is appreciated.

From Monterey County residents/locals

1. “Great bike tips for tourists as well as residents.”—Monterey Institute of International Studies
2. “I learned about HER Helmet Thursdays by attending the Tuesday Salinas City Council meeting. WOW!! Great going, and please tell the participants my family is definitely going to give them business.”—Lane Davis, Salinas
3. “It is a wonderful cycling enterprise you are contributing to Monterey. Your site, as always, is fabulous. You do beautiful work!”—Leo KodlLeo Kodl local avid cyclist and bike advocate rides many types including recumbent
4. “Great post about biking in Castroville. Thank you!”—Terry of Castroville
5. “Mari, yours is a very accessible, attractive and most important, informative website. You’re a very good reporter and seem to be everywhere, catching, interviewing and photographing touring cyclists like Wonder Woman, in addition to local cycling stories. Ride ON, girl!”—Dennis Renault, the Biking Viking
6. “You have done an absolutely outstanding job of making this site a reality that anyone with two wheels appreciates.”—Mary Davis, Marina
7. “Mari, you are to be commended for your tireless work and dedication to encourage more use of bikes.” —Elvira Robinson, Carmel
8. “Comprehensive guide to biking in Monterey…Filled a gap in our tour guide info.”—Ellen Tucker, Monterey
9. “Mari: Thank you for continuing to be a great voice of the Monterey Cycling Community.”—Devian Gilbert
10. “Mari I love your HER Helmet Thursdays idea….It brings people out on their bikes and lets cyclists know which businesses support cycling. Thank you for everything that you do for Monterey cycling.”—Mike
11. “Mari I do so enjoy and appreciate your writing. This personal touch…brightened my day.” —Bettina Hotelling, Pebble Beach
12. “…I have decided to change exclusively to bicycle riding….Thank you for giving bicycle information to our residents.”—John William Coffman
13. “Thank you for posting an article on my brother! I am so proud of him, and I had tears reading this article! I love reading articles in regards to Youth doing positive things in our community!”—Dawn AllenShawn Carden 2012-11-25 cropped
14.”Thanks for your flyers. They were a big hit with the parents at our Cub Scouts bike rodeo!” —Lt. Angela Leffler, Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club memberHow it works DSC00999

15. “Beautiful article Mari and you did an exceptional job portraying the essence of Devian.” —Donna, Carmel
16. “Great resource for Monterey County bicycling information.”—Fort Ord Reuse Authority
17. “Thank you for spending all your precious time volunteering to get the Youth Center bike class established; I’m sure it takes a minute (times a million)!”—Luciano RodriguezSorting parts
18. “Thank you once again for all your help with the launch of Ciclovia Salinas. You have been an important piece in this accomplishment!” Andrea Manzo, Building Healthy Communities-East SalinasBarricade training 9-12-13 for Ciclovia Salinas
19. “I thought I was a bicycle promoter until I met you. Thank you, Mari!”Jim Warwick, Salinas High School teacher and SHS Cowboys MTB team advisorWarm hats - IMG_0394
20. “You left out BEST BICYCLE ADVOCATE/WRITER/WEBSITE: Mari Lynch!!!! No doubt about it!!!! Bravo, Bravissimo!!!!”—Cath Tendler-Valencia, SeasideCath and audience DSC00212

21. “We cannot thank you enough for all your help and support.”—Richard Gray, director, Monterey County Probation Department Youth CenterCerney mural at Monterey County Youth Center

22. “I’m thankful for all your great support over the past few years.”—Andrew Kipsey, Bridge Restoration’s B2B Ride.AK sharing news of Bridge at NPS ride IMG_0908

23. “Thanks for all you do for the bicycling community.”—Henrietta Stern, Monterey Off Road Cycling Associationmorca_header2rndtop

24. “I read your article this morning, and was SO HAPPY to have been included. Thank you so very, very much. We are thrilled to be included on such a list.”—Susie Brusa, Executive Director, Rancho Cielo Youth Campus

25. “Your presentation was very informative and generated lots of interest in our audience. People could have stayed longer with many more questions, if it had not been for me and my timer! Your enthusiasm for more biking is truly inspirational. I, for one, came out of Tuesday’s program more determined than ever to do more biking and walking.”—Denyse Frischmuth, Sustainable Pacific GroveSustainable PG Brightlogo_grn

26. “Thank you for all your help and support.”—Rob Garcia, Salinas social cycling advocate, member of Salinas Lions Club and Knights of ColumbusIMG_1053

27. “I greatly admire and respect all that you do for the local bike community!”—Dave Holodiloff, Musician

28. “We appreciate all your help. Thank you for your support of NPSCC!” —Giovanna Kha Marino, Naval Postgraduate School Foundation Devin, Tyler, and Dena Donnell - 024

29. “The Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center bike repair and safety class is a wonderful project.” —Catherine Crockett, Sustainable Monterey CountyScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.27.47 PM

30. “Thank you for all your work, and always considering Salinas in it too.” —Jacky Luna, founder of the Salinas Urban Art ProjectScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.28.34 PM

31. “We appreciate your dedication and giving spirit!”—Kay and Sieg Magenheim, founders of Signature Irrigation, SalinasScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.29.11 PM

32. “Your dedication to personal, environmental and community health through biking is inspiring!”—Terrill and Robin Keeler, MarinaScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.29.41 PM

33. “Wow…really great information on your site…so very useful….”—Laura Vidaurri, Fort Ord Reuse Authority ESCA Program Coordinator, Marina

34. “I wholeheartedly support the work Mari is doing for the biking community, which benefits our way of life here on the Monterey Peninsula.”—Jacquelyn Woodward, CarmelScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.26.13 PM

37. “Thanks for all your good work.” —Mary Conway

38. “Tireless volunteer and ferocious bicycling advocate Mari Lynch. [] is certainly a cause any cyclist can support.” —Kelly McMillinScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.57.18 PM

39. “It’s called Bicycling Monterey but it’s Bicycle Monterey County. She [Mari Lynch] has some of the best write-ups of the East Side [East Salinas/the Alisal]….She’s very bicycle centric,  everything she says is the bicycle side, but she’s great about being like, ‘from this block to this block.’ Mari Lynch does an excellent job, excellent job. She’s always reaching out to us….” [from Salinas Underground Podcast in their 1/21/16 podcast,  at 49:00+).

“If there is a website with more info on biking and local businesses we have not found it. Keep up the great work!!” —Salinas Underground PodcastScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.16.23 PM

Comments from tourists/visitors to Monterey County

1. “Your site is really useful…It is, by far, the most comprehensive bicycle site for Monterey County…and regularly updated, which is rare.”—Anneke Prins, visitor from the U.K.
2. “Wow! Thank you very much for that very extensive and useful reply! I don’t know what made me think of Monterey as a bicycle friendly place, but it seems my instinct was right!”—Asa Widmark, visitor from Sweden
3. “Thanks to @BikeMonterey…for great tips that helped make this bike touring trip a big success.”—Stephen Zavestoski
4. “I love the site! I’m a bicycling fan from Australia.”—Steve Matheson
5. “This is a wonderful site…Thank you.” —David Nakai, visitor biking Carmel and Salinas
6. “Thank you for a WONDERFULLY informative site.” — Sam Ornelas, Fresno
7. “You make it look easy, Mari! Bilingual resources…pretty terrific! Family centered bicycling…pretty wonderful!”—Maureen Byrnes, CNM from New Jersey
8. “Great website full of useful information and tips on safe bicycling.”—Paula Ross, Southern California
9. “As a regular visitor to Pacific Grove since 1963 I can attest that there is no finer way to see the peninsula than by bike. You have captured the essence of how and why cycling is so enjoyable for both transportation and recreation. Thanks for providing your site.”—Rob Swain
10. “What a fantastic resource for all!”—Heynia CooleyHeynia and Mark 8 Jan 2012 (2)
11. “What an awesome story! Inspiring on so many levels.”—Lindsey O’Neill, Vancouver, British Columbia
12. “Your writing is poignant.”—Angela Parkins, Boulder, Colorado
13. “Your tenacious spirit & wisdom, full of soul for Monterey County & beyond, are greatly admired!…CONGRATULATIONS MARI & MONTEREY COMMUNITY LEADERS et al. on this awesome support for your biking smart residents and guests!”—Floann Younker, Dawson City, Illinois
14. “I’m an avid cyclist relocating to Monterey soon. Great site! Thanks for all the news and resources.”—Mark Daniels
15. “You are amazing for starting the HER Helmet Thursdays program. Thank you!”—Karen Woodson
16. “Great write up of a great program!” Erik O/”Fenriq,” Santa Cruz, California

17. “You are a talented writer!”—Captain Jerrod Adams, U.S. ArmyJerrod Adams - fam at lovers point

18. “I haven’t owned a car in over a half decade and have biked in Monterey and all over the world.  I appreciate and visit frequently your website.  Keep up the great work.”—David Reichbaum, San Mateo, CaliforniaRiding Waves David Reichbaum cropped19. “A tireless advocate and promoter of two things I love—bikes and Monterey. Thanks for all you do for Monterey biking. My tourist dollars will be happy to land in Monterey.”—Kathleen Jones, park ranger from Mountain View, CA

20. “Thanks for putting up a helpful resource.” —Hans Ongchua, park ranger from Northern California

21. “I have gone to businesses on HER Helmet Thursdays, and they are always gracious. Thank you for making such a great program work!”–Sam Poteete

22. “I especially appreciate your volunteerism to be the energy behind this initiative. Thank you!” —Alivia Moore

23. “A one-woman production and volunteer effort…full of bike-related resources, events, news, programs, etc.”—Cory Caletti. Senior Transportation Planner at Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission

24. “Mari, your website has started a revolution in Santa Cruz. We want to launch a site like yours – but we imagine we need 10 people at least to launch what you have done.”—Karen Kefauver, “Spin City” columnist for the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Comments from Monterey County media professionals

1. “An umbrella website for all things two-wheeled in Monterey County….A relentless advocate for a bikeable MoCo.”—Kera Abraham, Monterey County Weekly [As of September 2015, after nearly nine years at the Weekly, Kera is now managing external affairs for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Conservation & Science department.]Kera Abraham - cropped
2. “No profit motive for its creator, Mari Lynch, just a vision to see more locals and tourists ride bikes.”–Ravi Kapur, KSBWksbw_mari - city of mtry beach
3. “The consummate ‘spokes’ woman!”—Roberto Robledo, Salinas Californian
4. “Monterey County bicycling enthusiast extraordinaire!”—Claudia Meléndez Salinas, Monterey County Herald
5. “A wealth of relevant information for cyclists residing in or visiting Monterey County.”—Peter Mounteer, Cedar Street Times

6. “Sage advice for bike commuters and tourists.”—Daniel Strain, Salinas Californian

Comments from Monterey County transportation professionals and other municipal leaders

1. “Great resource for tourists and residents alike!”—Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
2. “Thanks for all you have done to promote safe and fun cycling in Monterey County.”—Kevin Cole, Safety Director, Pebble Beach CompanyDena Donnell - 8 mos - IMG_0313
3. “Unyielding support for bike projects. A very positive voice.”—Rich Deal, City of Monterey Traffic Engineer
4. “Does so much for the community, in an informative and collaborative manner.”—Debbie Hale, Executive Director, Transportation Agency for Monterey County
5. “We appreciate all your bicycling support and effort!” Kaki Cheung, former bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, Transportation Agency for Monterey CountyDUC - Kaki Cheung of TAMC in Salinas 10 May 2011 - 014 (5)
6. “Your recognition by the Alliance for Biking & Walking is so well deserved.”—Andrew Cook, former bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, Transportation Agency for Monterey County
7. “Thanks for all you are doing!”—James Serrano, City of Salinas Transportation PlannerJames Serrano - Salinas planner
8. “Civic minded…very uplifting.”—Michael Ricker, City of Salinas
9. “Great source of bicycling news and events.”—City of Monterey

10. “MST appreciates all of your support today, and everyday….Thanks for continually spreading the word about MST!”—Zoe Shoats, marketing manager, Monterey-Salinas TransitMST beauty - longview - DSC00304

Comments from bike advocates who hail from  Monterey County and elsewhere

1. “Consistently advocates for bicycling. Major kudos to Mari for all her great work!”—California Bicycle CoalitionCA by Bike in Monterey 11-12-13
2. “Mari is a tireless and passionate bicycle advocate….Really great website.”—Saskia Lucas, Open Streets Santa Cruz
3. “Advocating passionately for us bikers.”—Susan Ragsdale-Cronin, Del Rey Oaks bike commuter momRagsdale Cronin Kids 004
4. “Outstanding site. Uplifting, informative, relevant, and fun to read and look at.”—Matthew Sundt, President, Velo Club Monterey and Owner, Old Capitol BooksOld Capitol Books
5. “Excellent resource for all things bikes in Monterey County.” — Cyclelicious blog

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.51.14 PM“…Mari Lynch deserves your support!” —Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious, Santa Cruz County

6. “Bicycling Monterey…chock full of info on local family bike activities and resources, as well as ways to get involved in local bicycle advocacy efforts….Thank you so much for the lovely photos…a breath of fresh air.” —Anna Fahey, Sightline Institute, Seattle, Washington

7. “You put your region’s diversity front and center in your work.” — Adonia Lugo, PhD, bicycle anthropologist, publisher of the blog Urban Adonia, and manager of the Bike Equity Network

8. “Mari doesn’t wait until all conditions are right and funds are available; she just dives in and gets things done!” —Alliance for Biking & WalkingAlliance_Logo_Color_JPG

9. “Mari Lynch, [featured] bike advocate in Monterey County, California, and founder of Bicycling Monterey.” —League of American BicyclistsLeague - home_titleimage6

10. “If you live or ride anywhere around Monterey, Carmel or Salinas, you owe it to yourself to support @bikemonterey.”—Ted Rogers, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition board memberScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.43.26 PM

ksbw glove motion

Above, 2010 photo of Mari interviewed by KSBW about the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

Below, 2015 photo at Cha-Ya Japanese Tea & Things, one of hundreds of Monterey County businesses and organizations providing 10-50% discounts on Thursdays year-round, through their participation in Bicycling Monterey’s HER Helmet Thursdays project.



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