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Where to report a bikeway maintenance need in Monterey County, plus maintenance needs for California State Highways

How to report a maintenance need /problem with public roads or other public bikeways?

For Monterey County

You may report it to the Transportation Agency for Monterey County by using the online form Bike Service Request Form AKA Bicycle Facilities Service Request (click here)Contact TAMC if you need the old print version form to postal mail, fax, or hand deliver to them.

Using TAMC’s form, you can report bikeway conditions needing attention, such as: potholes, debris on shoulders or bikeways, bikeways not clearly marked, damaged or missing bikeway signs, traffic signal not triggered by bicycles (no bike detection), vegetation overgrowth, construction obstacles, and other conditions interfering with safe and efficient travel by bike.

Kindly note: City and county staffers can be very busy, and occasionally it takes a follow-up report (“squeaky wheel gets the grease”) to move an item—such as sweeping gravel out of the bike lanes on a recently resurfaced Garden Road in Monterey—up their priority list. If your email or call hasn’t been responded to after a reasonable length of time, perhaps try a reach-out on social media.

For California highways

For CA SR68 / Monterey-Salinas Highway, Highway 1, and all other California state highways—whether in or outside of Monterey County—you can report a pothole or other maintenance need directly to Caltrans:

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