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“Why stop now” video – Elders bicycling Monterey County

Handcycling - Ed - taken off 1 April 2011 011Special thanks to all the people who appear in the video below
and/or in the “Why Stop Now” post, for serving as roll models for every generation.

Click icon at lower right for full-screen viewing.

Thanks also to Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen for contributing rights to “A New Song of Beauty,” composed by Dan Frechette and performed by Frechette and Thomsen, © 2015. Visit for tour dates, to purchase their CDs, and to learn more about their work as well as to request permission to reuse their music.
The photo below was contributed by Christine van Burken. All other photos, and the video compilation, are by Mari Lynch, © 2009-2016, For permission to reuse photos or video, contact Mari.
Christine's parents visiting P1020111



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