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June 16: Ciclovía Salinas Youth Internships Ap Deadline – Make the streets yours!

June 16, 2017 is the deadline for Salinas youth to apply for an internship position for Ciclovía Salinas 2017.
Okerblom - East Salinas - 15 Apr 2012 (7) waiting for the light“I wish I could bike in the street, mama!”
You can–on Open Streets days. That’s at Ciclovía Salinas: “Where the streets are yours – ¡Donde las calles son suyas!”

Youth Interns

help make that reality—

for people of all ages!—

through their work to make the next

Ciclovía Salinas possible.

If you live in Salinas and are a student age 13-18 (or just graduated high school in Summer 2017), scroll down to learn how to apply for 2017 youth internship!
Monterey Park, South Salinas girls on the Intergenerational Ride: “You mean we don’t always have to come to places like the coastal trail to take a nice, long bike ride without any cars? You can do that at Ciclovía Salinas? We wanna go!
Monterey Park girls at Intergenerational Ride 2014

 June 16, 2017 is the due date

for submitting Youth Intern applications

for Ciclovía Salinas 2017.

The 2017 event date is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 15, 2017, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Youth interns are vital to make it happen!

How to apply

You may either apply online via or if you prefer, you may instead pick up a print copy at the Building Healthy Communities office, 606 Williams Road, Salinas (behind Rite-Aid). (Call 831/717-1384 before going to the office, to be sure someone is there).

Applications are due June 16, 2017. Below are general instructions, along with several options for turning in your application.

Questions? Alejandra Silva, 831-717-1384 –

Criteria for Youth Interns  include that youth must:
  • Live in Salinas.
  • Be a student age 13-18, or have just graduated high school in Summer 2017. (Note: In previous years it was 14-18; 13-year-olds are also now welcome to apply.)
  • Be available during July to October 2017.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to making positive changes in Salinas.
Applications can be turned in any of these ways:
  • by email: – And please include an email subject line: “Internship Application_Your Name.”
  • in-person: take to the Building Healthy Communities office, 606 Williams Road, Salinas (behind Rite-Aid) – (Call 831/717-1384 before dropping off to be sure someone is at the office.)
  • by postal mail:  Ciclovia Salinas, c/o Building Healthy Communities, 606 Williams Road, Salinas, CA 93905 – Attn: Youth Internship Ap
  • in-person: when school is in session, another option may possibly be taking your completed application to a designated teacher at a Salinas high school. (Check with Alejandra at Ciclovia Salinas about this for 2017. In the past this was an option; for example, for the 2014-15 school year, these teachers could accept applications: Alisal High School, Mrs. Mares; Everett Alvarez High School, Mrs. Caetano; North Salinas High School, Mrs. Farley; and Salinas High School, Mrs. Sharp.)

To learn more about Ciclovia Salinas…

Including Facebook, Twitter, and other contact info, along with background information, click here.


Hey, maybe we oughta apply for Youth Internships!

2 teen boys Alisal at Madeira

Yeah, us too!

And let’s be sure the females are well represented again!

Salinas female rider at SBP - Summer 2012Yeah, we can tell our teen friends.

Fixie girls in Oldtown Salinas March 2014 - at Yangtse's - also burrito riders

Looking for the HER Helmet Thursdays spots pictured in this post? They are Tacos El Jalisciense on Alisal at Madeira, and Yangtse’s Taste of Thai on Main. Find a list highlighting all Salinas places with those discounts on Thursdays for males and females who bike in tips on bicycling Salinas.

Photo of 7 boys: Courtesy of Jim Warwick.

  1. Pablo Gomez says:

    Please send me an application

  2. marilynch says:

    Hi, Pablo. So glad you’re interested. Contact the Ciclovia Salinas committee directly about applying for a youth internship spot. Phone them at 831-717-1384 or email If you don’t hear back from them promptly, please give me a call (831-375-6278). Also, just fyi, Bicycling Monterey’s main page about Ciclovia Salinas is under the Resources / Los Recursos tab; here it is:

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