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We serve individuals and organizations throughout the United States and encourage initial inquiries by phone. This allows personal and prompt responses. If you prefer to make an initial inquiry by postal mail or email, please refer to those sections below.

By Phone

If our usual business hours are not convenient for you, we are happy to speak with you during evening or Saturday hours whenever possible.

If leaving a voicemail, please include a callback number with a US area code, along with your name and message. If you do not receive a callback, perhaps there was a technical failure. Please feel free to call again.

831.375.6278 (voice calls, no texts)
Hours:  Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M Pacific time

By Postal Mail

Please include all information requested in the "By Email" section below. Thank you.

Fine Wordworking
PO Box 3041
Monterey, CA  93942-3041 

By Email

Please include the following information. Email inquiries without this info will not be responded to. You may copy and paste the list below into your email, adding your responses.

  1. how you found us (e.g., name of a person who referred you, or a search engine such as Duck Duck Go or Google)
  2. your first and last name
  3. your contact information, including a phone number with a US area code
  4. best days of the week to phone you, excluding Sundays
  5. best times of day to phone you, and the time zone you are in
  6. brief description of your project (e.g., book manuscript, website content, audio transcript)
  7. type of assistance you anticipate needing (e.g., writing, ghost writing, developmental editing, substantive editing, basic copy editing, proofreading)
  8. your preferred deadline and any firm deadline for your project
  9. your goal for your project (e.g., traditional book publishing, self-publishing, publication on your company's website, publication in a media outlet, personal or family use)
  10. optionally, anything else you feel it would be helpful for us to know before considering taking on your project
  11. optionally, if you are a published writer, you may wish to include the title of one or more of your previously published books or articles

Thank you for providing the above information. If your project is within our range of interests, and our schedule likely allows taking it on, we will reply with our rate schedule and pricing policies. After you have received those, please phone us, so we can answer any questions you may have about costs or other matters. A phone conversation is also important toward reaching a decision together about whether we are a good match for your project.

Please do not paste into an email a sample of your project, and please do not include any attachments in an initial inquiry. Emails from initial inquirers that include an attachment will be deleted unread. Thank you.

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