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One of our specialties is working with publishers to create the written material they need. We do special assignment writing, collaborative writing, ghostwriting, and rewriting. We also offer proofreading and all levels of editing.

Besides meeting the needs of publishers, the help we give to writers who are writing for publication is a hallmark of Fine Wordworking. Even though we cannot guarantee the marketability of a manuscript, we do provide skills and support to increase the likelihood of success in a competitive marketplace.

Finding an Agent or Publisher

For writers who are not self-publishing, it is vital to direct your submissions to the most appropriate agents or publishers for your work. If you need help researching appropriate agents or publishers, we can provide research tips. If you prefer, we may be able to do the research for you.

Help with Manuscripts and More

We assist fiction writers with queries, synopses, sample chapters, and entire manuscripts. Nonfiction writers benefit from our help with query letters, outlines, and proposals, as well as manuscripts. We can also provide support with any necessary permissions requests, general research, and similar tasks.

Submitting an Entire Manuscript

Whenever feasible, we encourage writers to secure an author-agent agreement or a publishing contract before submitting an entire manuscript to an agent or publisher. In some cases, writing on speculation is appropriate or is the writer's preference. Even when you want to complete the writing of the entire manuscript before you have a signed agreement with an agent or publisher, we suggest you first have just a sample edited before you invest in further editing.

Advantages to Having a Sample Edited First

Having a sample edited first provides an early opportunity for pointing out any repetitive errors or any overall problem. Once identified, you may choose to resolve these on your own before requesting that we edit more material. Editing a sample also gives some indication of what the estimated cost will be for editing longer material.

Estimates of the Cost for Editing

We provide general estimates of pace of work for manuscript editing, as shown below. Of course, the pace varies from writer to writer. Even for the same writer, pace can vary for different sections of the same manuscript. Having a sample edited first helps to determine the likely pace for your project. Based on approximately 250 words per manuscript page, the typical pace of work for an hour of manuscript editing, or proofreading, is as follows:

As a rule, firm estimates for manuscript editing are not given. Of course, we can agree on a project allowance in advance. Please contact us if you have questions about estimates.

Controlling Costs

We will be glad to discuss ways to control costs. Often some professional guidance will allow you to perform more tasks yourself, if you wish. We can provide advice and support at your request. Work conference charges normally apply. Please contact us if you are ever uncertain about what the charges will be.

Hourly Rates, Other Expenses, and Payment Arrangements

Please contact us for our current rates and payment policies.

Protecting Your Material

When you send material to us, retain original material for your own records. Provide us with a copy of your electronic media or papers.

We respect the privacy of our clients and honor requests for confidentiality. If you provide material via email, please remember that although the risk may be minimal, no one can guarantee that email will remain confidential. If you prefer, you may instead send your material via postal mail; in that case, please contact us first about options.

Registering Your Copyright

You may wish to further protect your material by registering your copyright.

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