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From Business Owners, Other Professionals, and Nonprofits

"Mari has a sense of personal commitment that makes her truly helpful. Her work represents an extension of the ethical way she lives." —Nonprofit program director, Soquel, CA

"Mari's keen ability to focus on the most valuable ideas and experiences, and her talent in expressing these, made it possible for so many others to benefit from my research. When my own writing was unsuitable for submission to the desired publisher, Mari transformed my research records into a highly effective article that continues to be of practical use to readers long after publication. This collaborative effort helped fulfill my personal career goals and aided many other professionals in my field." —Health care professional, Monterey, CA

"Mari is an accomplished writer and editor. I would very highly recommend her, including as one who is adept at problem solving. Mari has a very even personality to cope with any situation that arises. Her communication skills are invaluable in any and every situation. She has a very comfortable demeanor and a respectful approach to dealing with problems as they come up, being very considerate of all the feelings involved." —Communications facilitator, Del Rey Oaks, CA

"Mari's work greatly elevated our event. Her writing masterfully conveyed [our] purpose and activities, blending a serious professionalism with a lively sense of fun. Mari's expertise in web content development and design collaboration made her services a very worthwhile investment. One of the benefits was that the workload of our management team was lightened. In past years, we received inquiries from confused website visitors. Thanks to Mari, the confusion disappeared….Mari is such a pleasure to work with…Mari has a well-earned reputation for integrity and ethics, and it is my pleasure to recommend her." —CEO of world-renowned annual event, Monterey, CA

"Through working with Mari Lynch, I realized the benefits of having the help of a genuine wordsmith. Mari polished text while remaining sensitive to my own creativity and vision for the project. Though I consider myself a skilled writer and a competent editor, I was amazed at some of the subtle problems she found and corrected. I highly recommend Mari for writing and editing that will bring professionalism to any project." —Musician, Monterey, CA

"The love and level of professionalism you demonstrated just shines from every page. I never thought I would gaze at those pages and just be lit up inside, and yet, through your time and effort, it happened." —Nonprofit director, Monterey, CA

"Thanks again for all your work on the website. It certainly has had a positive impact! It has been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your patience and help." —Athletic services director, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you for another job well done. We have high standards here and the piece will show very well." —Realtor, Honolulu, HI

"You do excellent work, creating a much more professional looking result than we could do on our own." —Health agency professional, Monterey, CA


From Publishers

"I worked with Mari on a complex publications project. She proved herself an excellent writer and editor. She coordinated a myriad of writers, editors, reviewers, printers, typists, and graphic artists with a sure and professional hand, despite tremendous time and other pressures." —Publisher of health materials, Scotts Valley, CA

"I have received your wonderfully organized materials. It is such a pleasure to work with you! The article will appear as the lead story in our next issue." —Publisher of professional journal, Arlington, VA

"During the decade that we worked together on a monthly basis, I found Mari to be both sensible and reliable in fulfilling her obligations. Rather than propose unrealistic schedules that were sure to deteriorate, she set reasonable deadlines and faithfully fulfilled her commitments." —Publisher of national subscription-supported health publication, Monterey, CA


From Writers

"I've tried several editors and you are head and shoulders above the rest. Your collaboration is greatly valued. It is an honor to have you edit my work." —Huntington Beach, CA

"I've tried other editors and it has been wasted money. I prefer, as always, to work with you. Please call me when you have space in your schedule." —Bellingham, WA

"I learned more in our 20 minutes on the phone than I had in reading many articles on the publishing process." —West Hartford, CT

"Thank you so much for . . . flaws you found [in an internationally renowned book that sets industry standards for editing]." —New York, NY

"In every sense, this book is a true collaboration. . . . With technical expertise and attention to detail, Mari coordinated an inherently complicated editorial process." —Santa Cruz, CA

"After so many false starts with other editors, I am finally moving forward. I feel very grateful for your wisdom, broad experience, and sound advice. I am impressed by your sensitivity to tone and that you get what I am trying to say. I am thrilled with what you have done." —Chicago, IL

"Mari's editing is superb. Because she is a writer herself, she seems to have that magic editing touch: rearranging, substituting the proper word, cutting and adding when necessary, and overall, at all times improving a manuscript." —Pebble Beach, CA

"What a special gift it was that members of the California Writers Club recommended to me professional and highly respected editor Mari Lynch Dehmler. I am fortunate to have obtained her services, and I greatly appreciate her meticulous and unstinting attention in editing my manuscript, as well as her kindness." —Pebble Beach, CA

"Mari Lynch Dehmler saw me through the painstaking process of revision. I was lucky to have her sound judgment and critical eye. And when I felt like giving up, her enthusiasm kept me going. . . . Her comments and editing are a big help." —Oakhurst, CA

"Mari Lynch is that rare person who recognizes and respects your own tone and timbre, then helps you write more effectively with your own words. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my project, and I owe a great deal of that success to Mari's services. She is a true professional and a tremendous asset. There is no one better." —Monterey, CA

"You did a magnificent job on my manuscript. I'm so excited and pleased with the outcome!" —Pacific Grove, CA

"Beautiful work, as usual." —Carmel Valley, CA


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